Audreal A 600 E in the Test

The Audreal of A 600 E is not in the strict sense a class-A amplifier. The test reveals why the tester still give this predicate it.

No matter whether the designation of Class A in the strict sense is true or false: the A 600 E, which is made by Xindak company old ones in the University City of Chengdu should also mean Emperor of China.

“All respect!” growls the examiner in the face of the cleverly tiered page plates of the amplifier probably (the larger thicken and rounded up after outside too). There, an efficient young man has written well to optimize cooling profiles a doctoral thesis. And by the clean submissions in which the Middle down gently front swinging up not to mention to two centimeters thick: so nice to get the fingers caressing grain of the metal of volume knob, it takes more than a village shop also.

Audreal A 600 E: construction

Which are individually bolted cinch Sockets line and fixed level In the, perceived the Symmetrical XLR alternative and the WBT-box terminals with a nod, the preoccupation with the three-part cover raises head-shaking. The Chengdu have this cast profile plates, sandblasted, then leave the reason and again ground only the protruding ribs and brushed, so that an already decadent fine impression. No matter! Who sets the plates to the side, will bow down already deep given is now contemplated, truly imperial vision. With golden letters, an inscription in Chinese and English announced that two giant, responsible for the pre and power amplifiers Toroidal transformers are in a kind of screening room. In a guards formation, not less than 24 large bottle, from Japan Rubycon-electrolytic capacitors parading before that.

In addition a further multi power supply. There, four iron core reactors total support Eight Netopia 2200-Rubycon, the semiconductor Princeship of the Repeater input a particularly tasty and pure supply food rich. With appropriate devotion the transistors of the input signals to be ( XLR still an Small upstream IC help with), so that about a point between an upper and a lower counter clock stage, soon a regular current flows. Even a relatively decent portion of the output signal is sent back to this point.

In case of discrepancy is capable of this corrective action to intervene – with a response speed (avoid complications) may not far from offering a popular voltage feedback loop. Most recently the eight extra fat sweat output transistors over here and over there about directly on the wonderful heat sinks, but on a serious, kind copper rail declined. This takes the floor alone taken any biscuit for yourself. It brings us to the A 600 E but the predicate Class A to give – even if he can deliver purely mathematically more than 7.12 Watts on a 8 ohm Cabinet until that the current exceeds the value of rest of 870 mah.

Hearing test

In the listening room, the Price line giant proved himself final – whether as a power amplifier or via Fix-In as a power amplifier. Preferably he accepted balanced signals , for which he thanked with more light in the heights. XLR or RCA, he sounded not only pleasant, but so that the tester had to hook it up in the heart: without any artificial or awful attitude well, alive and ready for any musical wickedness in the best sense. First he had to imagine but good a String Quartet. What ever perfectly succeeded in contrast to inferior, härtlich pinched power savers – exactly right, even sweet, even delicate tart painting, a heartfelt natural body resonance and with fresh and cheerfully rippling runs on the wings.

The single notes could quietly still a bit more sparkle, growled one of the jurors – whereupon but stopped any criticism for the rest of the session. The A 600 E seemed the accusation anyway not to offend, of his relation to all the friendly looked at!

Finally, pity to the jurors and laid on Vienna Teng “national territory”. At last! Now, the amp from Chengdu was able to show that he can let fly a huge, three-dimensional altitude clouds in the vertebrae on the great basin and still abstain from Nervereien. And rang the Teng voice seductive, came driving at fantastic, athletic, shapely bass party atmosphere. Instead of folding kayak tour on the Brook of Audreal to negotiation on a colorful Mississipi-invited steamer. Who the A 600 E holt, is a life be long for him!