B-Grip Transport System For DSLR Cameras

Who travel a lot with a heavy DSLR camera photographed the needs access either in the camera bag or backpack, which is rather annoying, or after a few hours of neck pain due to the shoulder strap. B-Grip offers an alternative transport-Möglichkeit.

The fairly simple system consists of 2 parts. A removable is mounted on the camera, so that you can quickly on the B-grip attachment system on the belt attach the camera and take off again. The B-grip distributes the weight evenly on the body and prevents the panning of the camera while walking back and forth. You can see here how it looks in practice in the video:

Who is on the road with a backpack, can attach also to the chest strap the B-grip, and is thus ready for spontaneous snapshots.

The B-grip is suitable up to a weight of 8 kg, so that virtually any configuration of the camera (Flash, telephoto lens, extra battery grip,…) is possible. The B-grip can be used also for a simple and safe changing of lenses.

Also included: a safety belt and a waterproof cover, so that the camera when the weather stays dry. Unfortunately, the B-grip with Less than 70 euros is quite expensive. Otherwise, I think it’s a clever solution.

Update: Now also through themotorcyclers for less than 60 euros available.