Baby, I Can Feel You!

Clear and clear! Frighteningly clear!

I’ve been feeling something light for a few days now and then. However soo light that I was not sure if I really feel the baby. It was more of a feeling like butterflies in the belly, a slight tingling.

Yesterday, however, it was different. I lay on my back in bed and Alex massaged my stomach, I felt the first kick! Ever since I felt this kick, one after another!

Just now I looked in the Internet for baby things, again I lie relatively flat, with the notebook on my lap. Just now it has become noticeable! A great feeling! In the first moment I was slightly frightened, then I put my hand on my stomach and waited anxiously for the next movement. Just as I thought there was nothing left, a strong kick came. I felt it in my stomach and under my palm. I honestly miss the words to describe this feeling! Simply fantastic. It does not hurt at all, at least not at all. Suddenly you are reminded again that a small person grows up in one and it shoots a madly many different thoughts in the head. I should eat healthier, walk more often in the fresh air, allow less stress in the office, allow myself more peace of mind. Our healthy, sweet baby is growing up in me!

Baby, kick me as many times as you want, I enjoy each of your moves!