BaByliss Ionic Hair Dryer

Every woman wants a perfect crease and fast! We not always have time or desire to use plates, curling irons or other accessories for the ‘hairstyle, so we must rely to the only two basic tools for impeccable fold: brush and hairdryer.

A crease brush and hair dryer is a classic proposed in hair salons all over the world, however, is not at all simple to accomplish on their own, especially if you do not have a minimum of manual skills in handling these instruments and do not have available to professional products.

Today I will show you how you can achieve on their own, at home, a crease, such as that created by a hairdresser. I managed to get a great result with the hair dryer  professional high performance Babyliss, perfect for creating any type of look in a few minutes: The  PRO 2200w 4.0 IONIC.


This hair dryer Babyliss has several features that differentiate it from other products on the market. First of all the technology Ioniceramic, which allows to implement any fold, from simple and natural as the most structured and defined, without damaging the hair.

During the drying of BaByliss PRO 2200w radiates ions  neutralize static electricity that makes messy hair; This latest technology gives hair hues and brightness.

A professional hairdryer compact, powerful and light for ultra-fast drying and extremely comfortable, even on thick hair. E ‘it equipped with 4 switches that allow you to choose thetemperature and the desired speeds, but the real news is the turbo function that allows the jet of air at high speed travel (170 km / h) in order to reduce the drying time.

It features 3 concentrators: (6 x 90mm), (6x75mm) and (4x75mm). The latter is a novelty, because it allows you to concentrate more the air jet on the individual strand.

Furthermore, the motor of the hair dryer BaByliss latest generation guarantees the duration 2000 hours, 5 times higher compared to the classical hairdryer.


Thanks to this magnificent professional hairdryer I made ​​on my hair the soft waves, very natural, that have nothing to envy to those made ​​in a salon! The time for the styling was really low, also the hair dryer is compact and easy to handle. A result as a pro: the hair is more silky, soft and shiny! I can not claim to be satisfied and strongly recommend to try it!

To give concrete proof of the result that you can get I made ​​a video in which I show you how I easily created the fold with the professional hairdryer Babyliss  PRO 2200w 4.0 Ionic:


This hair dryer you can find it on sale by Media Word, the catalog is called synthetically  BABYLISS The Pro 6670E price to 89.99 euros.

Consider that there is only this model but one can also find many other more and Babyliss which may represent alternatives. My advice is to stay on a “PRO” model that is professional. Out of curiosity you can browse the entire catalog Babyliss that encompasses all available products, from hair dryers to the plates to curling irons. If you want to buy over the internet instead, I recommend you visit the official online shop of Babyliss. I remind you that it is still active the beautiful Star contest for one day!

How about Professional Hair Dryer  BaByliss PRO 2200w? Have you ever tried the products of this trademark? I have very well found with the BaByliss Diamond Ceramic Plate. Let me know your opinions!