Back Pain in Pregnancy

Pregnancy back pain is very common, we see how to relieve it without the use of drugs but with the help of chiropractic.

The chiropractic is a branch of the so-called “alternative medicine”, which, with movements performed with care and accuracy by qualified and experienced professionals, allows you to have a clear improvement of General and specific physical conditions. In pregnancy, one of the most common symptoms is certainly a bad back, especially during the last weeks. The woman’s body should be able to support the weight of the baby bump but when there are existing problems, pregnancy boosts the hassles.

In the nine months of gestation is well not take medication and when this takes place must always be under close medical supervision. Medicines for pain and inflammation are virtually banned; for this, the expectant mother often is forced to bear the pain. Experts, for many years now, expectant mothers in light physical activities such as swimming or yoga, perfect to soothe your muscles and relax the mind and therefore great to avoid back pain during pregnancy.

However, when physical activity is not permitted, the chiropractic is an excellent alternative. The pressure and massage performed by chiropractors, in fact, allow the spine to relax and unwind. In addition, chiropractic experts may recommend simple exercises to do at home and suggest the correct posture you should not undermine the improvements. Chiropractic works directly on your back, it is important therefore that the expectant mother carefully chooses his chiropractor of confidence among the most experienced and capable; a chiropractor with little experience, in fact, it might just make it worse.