Bad News For Android Mobile Users: Factory Settings Function Is Not So Reliable!

Avast, a known mobile security firm, made a new product. They bought 20 Android phones on the Web to check how much data they could get hold of, although the sellers were using the built-in factory settings function to reset their phones. The results are shocking!

Used Android mobile

Wholesaleably claims that they have only used “relatively simple means” to find information and different files from the 20 Android phones they bought on the net. Here is what they got hold of:

  • Over 40000 pictures
  • Over 1000 Google search results
  • Over 750 SMSes and mails
  • Over 250 contact names or email addresses
  • 1 implemented loan contract
  • 4 full identities from the previous owners

Don’t be panic

There are not so many people who are able to retrieve your data, and in addition, there are not so many who have interest in doing it but it is an important reminder.

Is our private information and photos really safe?