Beautiful Stay During Pregnancy

Beautiful pregnant

Pregnancy has been a long time as something that women should rather hide – but in the last few years there has been a lot of change: Supermodels and filmstars proudly show their baby belly and fashion has also discovered pregnant women as a target group for attractive fabrics and clothes. ( Chic circumstance ) The first pregnancy is surely the most exciting, hopefully the most beautiful time for an approaching mother. She says goodbye to work life to concentrate on the small earth citizen growing up in her belly. But in the first pregnancy, there are endless questions. Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, but there are a few things that can make the time to delivery much easier, possibly even a light birth.

Many pregnant women, for example, fear – if the pregnancy itself runs smoothly and does not cause them any more serious worry – because of the physical changes are no longer attractive. But this fear is in the normal case unfounded according to
Thanks to the additional hormonal thrust, skin and hair during pregnancy are often particularly beautiful and radiant.And the increasingly rounder belly in a pretty packaging as well.Also on make-up does not have to renounce the nascent mother, radiant eyes with Klimperimmimpern and a sensually painted mouth are the icing on the cake of the visible femininity.

Care tips for pregnant women

It is important now to eat well so that the mother who is growing does not suffer any shortcomings – for the body is the first to feed the embryo at the mother’s expense.

However, some people are afraid to go into pregnancy like a yeast cake and increase weight and body weight. Finally, an old folklore is that a pregnant woman must eat for two. This is not to say, however, that instead of a Viennese schnitzel two can be granted, because the additional requirement of calories in pregnancy is just about 200 calories per day. It means much more that they eat twice as much fruit, vegetables and other high-quality foods. Hot hunger for greasy or sweet often indicates a lack of certain vitamins or minerals, so it should only be given in sometimes. Better to eat a yogurt with fruits and nuts. Bananas are also very important for pregnant women because they contain a lot of magnesium. Iron is found in particularly high concentrations in meat (eg liver – which should only be derived from organic animals) and lentils, calcium in dairy products. Protein is contained in both eggs, meat, legumes and almonds. Sweets are calcium cleaners, so you should not eat them too much.


A daily massage with a good oil, Such as almond, wheat germ, or St. John’s wort, promotes blood circulation and can prevent pregnancy. In the massage again and again skin between the fingers take and easy pluck. Especially belly, chest and thigh should be pampered with this plunging massage. Supports for a healthy connective tissue are lots of exercise and the Schüßler salts No. 1 and 11.


If you are pregnant already in the summer, complaints often occur,Eg heavy legs.Light, wide clothing made of cotton or linen protects the skin slightly from the heat.Refreshingly, menthol-containing gels can help with swollen legs with horse chestnut extracts.To strengthen the kidneys, you should drink enough water or thin herbal teas.Slightly swinging up and down the legs, dancing, yoga for pregnant women, walking, all this helps against heavy legs.In addition, one should raise the legs daily for about 10 minutes, which prevents varicose veins.


Otherwise, “What the mummy does well, is also good for the child!” A pregnancy is a unique experience because no more pregnancy will be more like this. One should enjoy this time to the full, to do good – as, for example, For example, a relaxing bath in the evening, visiting friends, reading a good book – for which one will have little time after the birth and will be well-off. Then the small child feels well.