Beauty Trend of the Fashion Weeks:Hair Bands

Summer accessories – at the fashion show and the fashion weeks 2014 they were the secret star of accessory:headbands and-spangen of any kind. Why the hippie hair jewelry is a trend of the summer, you can find here.

Guaranteed not to the hair pulling: the focus of fashionistas can be this year on the head. Haarbänder – and mature in metallic, with small rhinestones or flowers this year will be to the ideal fashionable Companion.

Cheer up: hair bands at the fashion weeks

Hairs are now jewelry! That’s why international designers such as Valentino or Dolce & Gabbana and German designer for the fashion weeks in Berlin, Milan and New York have devised something special. So, the looks of the coming season with pompous headbands as well as elegant Headbands are decorated. It is allowed, what you like! Whether delicate and simplistic, romantic or striking with shimmering highlights – be quiet experiment and make a matching hair band, for example, to your new summer dress in your curls. Or put several in a row.

Hair, so beautiful like the stars

In the hype-series “Gossip Girl” it-girl ‘ Blair Waldorf ‘ could not resist hair bands. In reality, actress Leighton Meester on the red carpet finished likes her pretty head of hair with glamorous headbands and bands. Also shooting star Lupita Nyong’o ‘ o dainty Hairband to fancy evening gowns combined. If you are not a fan of flashy jewelry, start first with a few solid, gold or turquoise hair bands and buttons above then step by step.