Beauty Trends Summer 2016

Hello girls! I’m going to show you some beauty tips that are very popular in this summer, which are inspired by the mythical mermaids. The proposal is to add specific colors to a natural appearance and make it romantic. Think about these ideas, and ready to become a goddess of the seas!

This trend is already known from last summers, but now it comes back with more attitude, more gentleness and minimal wave. The color palette remains the same: green, blue, lilac and purple. According to ehealthfacts, these are all cool colors, which bring coolness to the summer.


The main focus of this trend is the eyes. You can choose other parts, but pay attention to keep the balance between this part of the face and the other (the most basic tip of all!).
Here is a great try. Mix the colors between blue and green tones, and fade to form a beautiful gradient (and cute!). Lilac or pink can also enter as a third color or be used in blush.


Apart from the purple/pink, bronzer and golden tones, illuminator will also be used as blush, as well as across skin. Illuminated skin will let you look like you just come out of the sea; it is the face of sereismo. But use sparingly, and choose the appropriate time.


The lipsticks should be pretty clear, since the focus are the eyes. You can use shades of pink, coral or nude. It depends on the intensity of the shadow.


Since the hair is an extension of sereismo, you can keep your hair unicolor or use in gradient. The wildest use is making hair colorful. The rose is one of the favorites. Those who do not have such courage can fuses it with other colors, which will also make you young and modern. Wet hair also follow this trend.

Hair accessories:

The accessories are also emphasized in this summer. Mermaid tiaras, shells and starfish are all very popular and make you charming and stylish.

Choose your ideal look of mermaid-diva in the summer!