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This post is for everyone:me, you, your friend and also the boy who says not to be vain, but does not leave the house without first checking the mirror, you know? Let’s forget about our age here, and the type of skin. We list the beauty products and the news that anyone can use , abuse and of course, share. Were you curious? Come here, and take the opportunity to call the whole galley.

This Is Hot, Very Hot.

Before checking our selection of items, we explain the reason for the post. You’ve probably heard the wordgenderless out there. This movement, which does not differ from the masculine and feminine, is a trend, but not only fashionable, have you? The Avon made the biggest buzz on social networks when it released the campaign of the new BB Cream Matte Avon Color Trend, created for all people in order to”democratize the skin” – emoji heart here!!

Want to see? Look that:

But, calm down, because this is subject to an upcoming post. Here, we select the hot hot beauty items and the essentials that save our day and deserve the post of”darling of life” for anyone. And there are bonuses: tips that we can all adhere to on a daily basis.

Soap Neutrogena Deep Clean Grapefruit – Neutrogena

Using any soap that is not specific to the face area can make the complexion very sensitive and dry – that goes for everyone, okay? This beauty, besides removing the impurities and oiliness of the complexion, is indicated for all skin types. Bonus: feeling of freshness and smelling delight!

Porefessional Agent Zero Shine – Benefit

Utility tip:The loose powder is translucent, does not add color and leaves the skin dull. The packaging already comes with an applicator to make life easier for those who do not have much practice. The size is ideal to carry in the bag and can be applied anywhere you are – emoji of palminhas!!

Derma Bayer Lipo Regenerator Bepantol

It is not new, but this pomade fits in the category has-to-have for anyone. At this time of year, the lips become more dry and hydrated. This miracle product contains pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E that repairs and moisturizes the lips. Believe:the effect is immediate and lasts for hours. Want a tip? Apply at night before bed.

Eyebrow Stimulating Gel – Marina Smith

All of us can complain about wild hair on the eyebrows, right? This Marina Smith gel promises to leave each thread in its place, besides stimulating the growth in regions where we have flaws. For men this beauty product has a plus:use on the beard! Yes! In places where the beard is thin and has less volume, it is recommended to pass a little of the gel so that new threads are born. Mara, right?

Moisturizing Make B.Diurnal Multiprotective Moisturizer – O BoticÁRio

Continuing the care of the complexion, it is worth remembering that hydration is not synonymous with oiliness, right?

So write it down because it’s hot:O Boticario’s Skin Adapt technology delivers superior hydration and oil control with the same performance in any region of Brazil. Forget the weather, the skin type or how old you are, this product moisturizes and protects due to the high sun protection factor (SPF 50 / UVA +++). Clever, right?

Bb Cream Effect Matte Fps30 Color Trend – Avon

He could not stay out, right? It’s worth it for everyone – as the brand itself says. With the matt effect and natural coverage, it has FPS 30 and softens the pores. Available in five colors, it is suitable for any skin type. And best of all:only $ 9.99

Universal Color Eyebrow Pencil – Vult

Just by the name of the color, it lacks presentations. The universal color gives a supernatural appearance to anyone. Do you know that friend or friend who is looking for a product that corrects the flaws? It is the best indication of the good and cheap category. Try migs !!
For the boy:brush your eyebrows up and cut the unruly hair using a pair of nail scissors or mustache. If you have failures, we indicate this product baratex there!

Did you like our choices? If you want to suggest other products that we can share with everyone, feel free! We love suggestions.

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