Beddings for All Tastes

Good weather has arrived and with it want go out to enjoy the pure mountain air, do picnics in the countryside and out of camping family. Since I was little I loved to sleep surrounded by nature and looking at a starry sky, but always had a problem with my sleeping bag.

Many times it wasn’t warm enough and others not let me freedom of movement, which I I moved! Today none of this is a problem because the market offers beddings for all tastes. We present a selection of the most striking according to kingsvilletrends:

Musuc’Bag: it is the evolution to the traditional bag, as this has arms and legs. It allows many movements, it also has pockets to keep camping typical things such as flashlights, sweets… Your comfort temperature is 7 °. They have it for children €50 and for adult for €120. You can also use it to disguise you astronaut.

Sleeping bag SleepMover 5 °: Decathlon sells this fantastic sleeping bag with arms and possibility of constricting it to remove the legs and go for an evening walk to find fireflies. It is suitable for temperatures near 5 ° c. Its price is around € 50. The smallest measuring 170 cm, so the more little ones only may enjoy seeing him made their parents or older siblings.

Exped DreamWalker 650: a sleeping bag sleeveless and with hollow out the feet. Although it seems somewhat strange, it is designed for the high mountains and endure temperatures of-6 °. The idea is to use it like a traditional Mummy bag to sleep and get it type jacket when it already starts to cool in the camp but still are doing activities, since it allows you to move at your leisure. They are adult size and cost $ 360.

Sleeping bag with Japanese legs. If you like to sleep with arms close together against the chest but you give many kicks, perhaps this is yours. I found it on the website of but I don’t know where it is sold or what shelters, that Yes slope about €300.

SAC shark Chumbuddy: might not be the most appropriate to take him camping but sure that your kids are so passed pump with him at sleepovers. It measures two meters, so the shark can eat a child or a Pope. It costs $ 200.

With what do you stay?