Benefit “Sexy Little Stowaways”-Look

I have you recently → presented the kit – what alone of course makes little sense, especially since it is currently not available. I wanted to but just don’t leave the whole thing, but use the opportunity to make-up a “sexy little stowaways” look , and just a little something to the products tell you that Yes, all are available in the regular assortment.

Basically a complete makeup really feasible with the set. You simply misused the product one or the other a little bit and thus really has everything you need for a simple, natural makeup. I added only two parts: My eyebrow powder and a transparent gloss.

I’ve started with the eye care “it of potent!” – you need only a minimal amount, so is this tiny size (3 grams) perfectly adequate for traveling. Absorbs quickly and you can continue quickly.

Next I got “that gal”, the face primer’s whole face is applied to. If you have good skin, can use the base as a kind of Foundationersatz, because the base is in addition to a slight refinement of the complexion even adds a bit (with pink shimmer particles, but not falling on the skin – she shines just a little more!). To tarnish shiny patches, I have applied Chin “the POREfessional” mainly on the forehead, nose, the upper cheek area and on it. There, the pores are reduced and the skin matte finish. Alternatively, you could use this base also in the face – I personally don’t like it because of its high silicon content, because I have a feeling the whole face to to filling, which is of course not just what’s best for the skin. Therefore, I go sparingly and purposefully so.

I use the concealer – and eyeshadow base eye shadow and redness “stay don’t stray” disappear. You see – here’s the first abusive product. 🙂 I’m not wearing a shadow: and I have consciously concealer, to then still “Ooh La lift!” to use to brighten up the eye area. I think it looks quite good, that a proper concealer at the station wagon would be not necessary… “Ooh La lift” had I ever, by the way, some time (until it has – then reached the expiration date to a product I am then very fussy and then dispose of it) – it works in my cupboard really quite well, especially, if you want to brighten up in between times. It is not for nothing a benefit classic!
“Stay don’t stray” has in this regard fascinated me, that he was colour bright enough to act truly as a concealer! Otherwise the product for me is not a Musthave, also that I had that some time, but too rarely used it.

My face have I then contoured with the Puderbronzer “Hoola” and then “Bella Bamba” applied to the cheeks (pink by discreetly to tidy everything is in there, can be handled in any case very sparingly!). I used a brush in two – you can pack on the road also a small brush (I like the powder / Rouge brush by essence throughout). As a highlighter on the cheekbones and eye shadow substitute, so that the eyes are not quite as naked, I have spotted on then still “Sun beam” . This is a golden lining and looks very pretty. Very natural and not too glitzerig!

After that I have drawn with the “BADgal lash” my lashes. The brush is enormous, but you can work it nice anyway and I am thrilled with the result. So far I had only the “they’re real!”, which is not quite so am excited by this. I think I will use more often the mascara. And who knows – maybe they do I need then sometime in fullsize!

Then, I have traced my eyebrows with “Medium” and “Dark” from the eyebrow powder palette of Kryolan . Without eyebrows, the look has seen then, but very funny. The range is so nice flat and brush, so no great problem to pack them with.

Finally, my lips got a paint job with “Cha Cha tint”, a combination product for cheeks and lips – I could do without for example also on “Bella Bamba” and can keep my cheeks more in orange. Because I wanted to but use all products of the kit, I did this.Because such a stain is me but always a bit too dry on the lips, I finally have a transparent gloss – in this case the “Diabolical nectar” by Rouge Bunny Rouge (with plumping effect) – it applied. With a gloss look like then again much better. Although “Cha Cha Tint” is very color intensive, it acts on the lips actually only color enhancing (at least with my but darker lips), brings a little more color in. Together with the gloss, I like the result very, very much!