Bergans Lavvo – Light Tipi Tents with Plenty of Space

Already for a long time we were luggage for our Scout group looking after new light tents with enough space for approx. 6 man (or woman) included. Our cotton tents are but unfortunately everything else is sufficiently large and very well shot, weighing more than 30 kg as light and easy. Something lighter had simply for transporting in your backpack or on a plane.

The choice finally fell after some research on the Lavvo series of the Norwegian manufacturer Bergans., a partner shop of outdoor of blogs, has given us an unbeatable offer for two tents (size M / 6-8 is enough people for us) including groundsheet and mosquito door made the second tent was almost free of charge. Before first using in July at this year’s Roverway in Finland, I would like to introduce here the Lavvo .


The Lavvo tent itself comes in a large transport bag which has enough space to include also the optional tent floor and mosquito door. It has two compression straps, as well as two loops, and this is probably from the same waterproof material such as the tent.

(Photo o.r..) single-walled tent, the tent hat with adjustable ventilation and a mosquito net to seal the upper opening, a 5-piece Middle tube (aluminum?) incl. bag, 20 pegs (aluminium), 20 guy lines incl. bag are included of the tent itself.

The floor of the tent and the mosquito door will each own Pack bags (mesh fabric by the mosquito door) supplied.


The building made easy thanks to the single-walled construction and only a single central Rod as a right. You want the tent floor, so this must be tensioned down first with a total of 10 pegs on the ground. Then attach the tent with the lower loops on the pegs of the soil.

The Center bar consists of 5 elements which simply be pushed during transport in each other and held together by plastic caps are connected to a rubber band. A clever, because space-saving, solution. Because the elements in the building but only loosely be plugged into each other have you to watch something that the bottom won’t accidentally fall out. But once the bar is in the correct position, is also almost the tent. Previously not forget but to put the tent Hat still on the top. 2.80 m height, it might be somewhat tricky to want to put this in hindsight. Who wants to use the mosquito net for the top ventilation, must put incidentally first this over the bar.

Finally is anchored the tent with the help of the other 10 pegs, the bottom of the adjustable click buckles connected with the tent, and the tent Hat attached with the guy lines. Who needs additional stability (E.g. in wind) he can relax the Lavvo thanks to the numerous linen fixtures with the supplied cloth.

The mosquito door is connected as also the mosquito net in the upper pane, Velcro closures with the tent.


The Lavvo in size M has a ten square area of 408 x 388 cm at a standing height of generous 280 cm in the middle. Up to 8 people to see the tent, with baggage likely 6 or less. This is possible upright tent wall through a small (40 cm) below, so that the entire surface can be used. While the tent itself barely weighs 6 kg, the weight similar to the following is divided (even balance):

  • Middle bar incl. bag: 1,310 g
  • Pegs, Guy lines, bag: 1,250 g
  • Tent, tent hat, mosquito net and Pack sack: 3,440 g

The tent floor (like the tent in size M) weighs approximately 240 gthen again nearly 1,350 g and matching mosquito door . Makes it so nearly 7.5 kg or less than 950 g up to 1,250 g per person in an occupation with 6 to 8 people. I think, a very good value for a tent of this size and facilities. In addition, can the individual parts fairly well (thanks to the different bag) and split evenly (in weight) on several backpacks.

Open top design promises an excellent (adjustable) ventilation. Because the tent floor is not firmly connected to the tent is good air circulation, which can in addition be favored by 3 narrow, equipped with a mesh window on the tent wall. The water column of the tent wall is 3,000 mm, that of the tent floor according to the description of the travelling shops good 7,000 mm (other sources speak, however, of “only” 5,000 mm).

As regards the mosquito protection, so I have some concerns despite the network at the top and additional door because the ground is so not firmly connected to the tent wall. So, but a lot of bugs could penetrate into the tent.


The first impression impressive. Plenty of space and offers the Lavvo with a maximum weight of 7.5 kg at a standing height of generous 2.80 m. The processing is fine at first glance. How robust the tents are actually, will show at the latest at the first usage in Finland. The structure is quite simple and can be done even by a single person. Let’s see how well our kids get that out.

The price of nearly 460 euros in the Bergans Lavvo (M) is quite reasonable. The matching groundsheet costs about 150 euros. Who needs the mosquito door should again provide 38 Euro . Overall a fair price.

From here again a big thank you to our partner shop, where one finds the Lavvo by Bergans of course lots of other tents from reputable manufacturers.