Best Way to Wear Sweat Suit

If you love wearing the sweat you will love the new trend! The streets as on the catwalks the sweat hit this season.United, printed, zipped to elbow pads, there are for everyone. How to wear the sweater man? Trendy Magazine decrypts 3 Look to adopt with the Hoodie:

Way streetwear

The streetwear trend has the wind in its sails in recent times. The opportunity for the urban lifestyle with our key piece: the hooded sweatshirt.

To adopt this style it’s easy:

Focus on the essential Hoodie United or with printed graphic trend. We associate it with jeans-wash Cup characterized by its low inside leg sarouel.Sneakers at the feet, necessarily. The ideal is to coordinate the color of the sweater with the shoes. It accessorizes all with a CAP to urban design / hip hop. Voila!

How Sportwear

The sweatshirt in gray fleece, this is the basic sportswear of season piece.The opportunity to adopt a true look of sports!

To adopt this style it’s easy:

We wear the Hoody on the head, associated with a jacket without sleeves and a raw denim. Shoes to the feet that we coordinate with the color of the sweater. It accessorizes with a CAP, gloves and a scarf. It is Tip Top!

Casual PREPPY way

For all your trips into town, the way PREPPY sweater casual is perfect. Blue, red, yellow, green… We dare the color!

To adopt this style it’s easy:

For this outfit, we advise you to play overlays. We choose a graphic t-shirt you wear under a Sweatshirt zipped to color. The whole is associated with a basic grand of the male wardrobe: the denim. Feet-colored sneakers that coordinated with the color of the sweater.

The little extra: The cheche in the variations of color of the sweater.