Bike (Bike) – Basic Tips On How To Pedal On The Streets Safely

Although some people do not find it very attractive, they go from one place to another by cycling and so neither are they willing to go through such an experience they do not know what sensation they are losing.

Of course pedaling by bike ends up making you happier and more willing to practice and this is due to the endorphin released during this type of exercise that tends to leave you with a good feeling of well being.

Cycling in comparison to other vehicles only brings benefits to your life because you will not have to wait for the arrival at your destination in a crowded bus, for example, or you’ll be stuck for hours on end, To open, finally to “bike” will improve your life more and more, you just have to give yourself the chance to have it in your daily life.

But for that to happen you need to be on the lookout for some basic, but no less important, tips on how to safely pedal on the streets to avoid problems in the future.

9 Tips On How To Pedal Safely On The Streets

1-Attention With The Lighting Factor

It is quite common for people not to connect much in this detail, but you have to stay alert because this being a basic security item plays an essential role in this matter.

After all, it is much more interesting to avoid a possible risk situation than to go through it, only to come to worry about this factor, is not it.

Lighting on a bike is of the utmost importance for motorists to realize that you are there so they can drift safely and on time.

Some reflective items usually already come inserted in the bike as a safety mechanism required by law, however, they will not be sufficient to perform such a function, so it is recommended to use white lighting on the front and red on the back of your bike to So there is a greater distinction of who is coming or going.

2-Using The Helmet

The helmet is a very important item and represents the primary means of protection for you in the event of a possible accident.

The helmet should be used by both extreme sports and risky activities as well as for urban cyclists, as the risks of accidents exist for all, perhaps for some more and for others less, but the danger is real and is always there, So do not neglect and always ride a bike with a helmet.

If you are starting now in this practice the use of the helmet is indispensable, because the lack of balance that exists in this phase is very great and with this the chances of accidents are notorious.

But it is worth mentioning: the helmet is an item that will protect you against accidents resulting from carelessness of your own part, but compared to others that travel in the same place as you cars and motorcycles this will not be enough to prevent a possible accident. So stay tuned and pedal safely.

3-Use Of Gloves And Glasses

These items are not essential, but for safety you should use them. The gloves themselves are important as they will avoid any possible irritation that the skin of the hands may present due to their continuous contact with the bicycle handle.

Another important thing about wearing gloves is that in a possible fall people will instinctively tend to put their hands to lean on, in which case the gloves will be of great use to you.

The glasses in turn protect your eyes against dust and other particles that are present in the wind which can temporarily block your vision thus creating an uncomfortable and at the same time dangerous situation.

4-Do Not Run Counter

For your safety it is important that you walk the correct route because there are so many reasons for this relevance that you need to be aware of this.

First: the entire cycle of running an urban traffic works around the directions that the vehicles present. For example, if a car is to enter a street or turn right, it will not wait for a bicycle to go in the opposite direction and that is where the risk lies.

When walking against the opposite you end up approaching a car with a much greater speed than if you were on the correct route and in front of this situation the driver will not have time to react, thus making the accident announced before the above can be fatal.

5-Get Away From The Doors Of Vehicles

A very common factor that has caused many accidents in places of great movement is the fact that drivers, when opening the door of their vehicle, look only in the rearview mirror to see if the car movement allows it to open the door your car.

However it is at this time that cyclists must be extremely careful, because the rear viewer can hardly see the driver, especially if it is at night.

So stay at a necessary distance so that a door opening does not cause you a serious accident. To avoid such a situation walk at least 1 km away from the cars or occupy the next track.

6 – Always Walk Right, But Watch Out!

If the route is not one-way, the best option is for you to ride on the right as it is an area for vehicles that travel at a slower speed. But if the path is one-way, it may be more feasible for you to walk on the left, so pay attention to this detail.

Its positioning on the road is also of paramount importance. Try not to be too much in the corner, because with this cars will travel in the same range as you are, where most of the time does not even have space to do so in a safe way. This situation is very risky since you might even be frightened by the movement of the car at your side and come to suffer a fall or bump.

According to the traffic code, drivers should pass within 1.5 m of cyclists but this is not usually the case.

But it is also important that cyclists are sympathetic towards drivers, where in passing through a place of considerable size without cars standing still, the cyclist should preferably use parking areas so as not to further increase the queue of cars behind him.

But be careful when you return to the road, at that moment, try to signal and enter safely and securely. If necessary, try to stop and wait for the cars to pass so you can return to the track.

7 – Look For Always Flag

Just like cars, it is very important that cyclists signal before any movement they make on an avenue or anywhere they are traveling, because that way others will identify what you intend to do, ie what is likely Trajectory, and with this accidents can be avoided every day.

The signaling is usually done with the hands, where signaling with the right hand in 90º means that you will turn to the right and if to the left the mechanism is the same.

If you are going to continue going straight on a road where many cars are turning right, you need to signal with your hand at a 45 degree angle asking them to wait. In the latter case always observe whether the driver will actually wait for you.

8-Sidewalk Is For Pedestrians

Cyclists can even walk on the sidewalk or even cross the pedestrian lane, but for that to happen he should get off the bike and consciously be avoiding possible accidents.

It is understandable the care one must take when walking in this place, because several pedestrians walk every day on the sidewalks and with this the risk of accident and virtuoso. Whether they are children, adults, and especially the elderly, everyone is apprehensive when they see bicycles traveling incorrectly in these places. Care should therefore be taken primarily by the rider in doing the right thing and not seeking the wrong means either by haste or mere distraction.

9-Do Not Overcome The Sign

Traffic signs often cause fear and fear for people traveling on busy avenues.

Be it a driver, a cyclist or a pedestrian, the attention to the traffic signal must be of the utmost importance, since accidents involving the passing of undue signals occur every day and most often present fatalities.

So if you are on the bike do not pass the red light in any case, because a car at high speed and totally ungoverned can appear from nowhere and so you will not have time to dodge or escape a possible accident.

If a pedestrian passes, in the lane or not, it is the duty of the cyclists, as well as of the drivers to stop and wait for their passage, as this would be the most appropriate and safe conduct to be taken.

Anyway, with all these tips you can take your bike and take a ride in the most correct and safe way for both you and those around you.

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