Bike Parts Maintenance

Gadgets: These four small parts perform all major job in silence. But care about them until they don’t work anymore. We show you how to take care of them.

They may be small and insignificant, if you like, but you do not care for them these parts on your bike they will sooner or later make a fuss. When you least desire and expect it.


When you looked, screwed and not been able to eliminate the cause behind the pesky noise, chances are it’s a loose flaskställsbult that are the culprit. The bolts must be tightened so they are hard but not so hard that you round by Allen key. If possible, use a torque wrench: 1 to 2 nm for kofiber, 5 for to1.6 nm should for everything else. Grease bolts once a year or when changing the bottle to avoid getting caught in the frame. If you don’t have a liquor dispenser moterat on the bike so have yet twisted-flaskställsbultarna in the frame in order to prevent water and dirt from entering according to

Return spring

The return spring can be found on the back of the caliper and it is this spring that prevents brake pads fit the wheel if you don’t brake. Over time, the points on the yoke as the feather is an object to collect dirt. This may cause the brakes feels tough and lacking feeling because the feather not to work freely. DAB with a drop chain oil on these sites and wipe off with a cloth.

Quick release spring

They where conical springs that sit at the ends of the quick release actually has a purpose. In addition to always lose them when taking apart a snabbkopppling. The springs ensure that the quick release is centered and makes it easier for you when you shall mount a wheel. Make sure that both sides of the connector has a spring and it is one the tapered side facing inwards.

How hard will the quick release sit? Adjust the amount of voltage required to close the connection with the nut on the other side. The link will leave an imprint in your hand on you when you close it. If you are forced to take in for King and country, there is a risk that you damage the hub and the wheel will spin slowly.


The brake handles are all that stands between to stay or not to stay where you are and want to. So it is logical that the harder they are screwed to your handlebar, the more reliable is the. Or? The golden mean is that the handles are well screwed-they don’t move when you are cycling, but not so tight that they are not allowed to writhe if you would have the misfortune to fall. Instead of being broken off and break. Screw them to the manufacturer’s recommendations and check them from time to time to ensure that they stay in place.