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Thinking of investing in beachwear ? If you are a fan of bikinis, diversity is not lacking in recent models launched. There are items for all tastes in fashion bikinis, both the most daring as not so much, but they are with a nice little body to show in the seaside pool or on the sandy beaches.

Fashion Bikini Models


But do you know the ideal model in a bikini for your body? If you have the same measures in hip, shoulders and waist, you have a rectangular body, and it gets better with bikinis models are Cortinhas at the top because they value the feminine nuances and create curves in the body, what is missing in their measures.

If the body has too wide hips and small breasts, common in Brazil , the tip is to pull your eyes to the breasts and not the bottom. So fanciest bikinis, with bulges and bright colors on top and neutral below are ideal. There are several models on the market with print at the top and nothing underneath and are very cool.

Already the bottom thinner and larger breasts, just reverse: stay with measures more indiscreet bikinis at the bottom, maybe a bikini bow, and delicate, with good support at the top. Bulges and strapless discreet are the most suitable for this type of body. With the oval body, use neckline V type at the top and a more behaved bikini underneath to not emphasize what you have worse.


Already knowing what kind of bikini looks best on you, which style to choose? There are several on the internetages, some already known “old war” and others not so much.

  1. Bikini Cortinha– easier to extinguish the bikini swimwear that this model, traditional and highly valorizante of female measures disappear from the map. The tip is to use only if your breasts are fallen. Even with the models with bulge, it is not fashionable if there is a tendency to take the steps down. It is made ​​for those who have body on top. And with too firm ties, it is exaggerated.
  2. Panties high waist– looks like we’re in an old movie, is not it? It’s the best of retro fashion.The model is well in those who do not want to show so much and is super high. The tip is toinvest in models that are not so dug to become like the women of the 40s and 50s even.Investing in retro fashion in bathing output also falls nicely.
  3. Ethnic prints– they are still in high fashion on the beach and are a great investment for those who want to leave a bit of polka dots, on the agenda for nearly two years in beachwear. A tip is to use opt indigenous prints to value what is best in Brazilian culture. Indian print’re all in Europe!
  4. Bikini with fringe– who else loves to use these models is those who have small breasts. Give a valued the bust and are mega easy to match. But the trick is not true for busts size XL, or will be exaggerated. If you do not want to give up the fringes, a tip is to use neutral tones with larger breasts to try to disguise a little swelling effect.
  5. Bikini with ruffles– is fashionable bikinis with frills both at the top as on the bottom. The trend emerged with Panicats, stage assistants Panic on TV that eternalized the chubby models at the top and bottom. As he too appreciates the measures, wide hips, thick thighs and full breasts are not cool. The best option is for anyone who goes well with the balance even.Another tip is to invest in smooth patterns and shades open to anyone who wants to show the fringes more openly.