BitTorrent Joins the Studio to Create Exclusive Series

Netflix and Amazon are there to prove that own productions have great chance of success. No wonder, BitTorrent Inc. wants to tread a similar path: the company has partnered with producer Rapid Eye Studios to create and distribute content in the BitTorrent Originals brand.

At this early stage, the company will focus on productions for audiences aged 14 and 25, the age group that most uses torrents.

The content produced will be distributed via BitTorrent Bundle .Built in 2013, this platform available to download free materials (such as music), but gives the distributor the option to provide more comprehensive content (an entire album, for example) by charging. All legal way, it should be noted.

Getting 30 to 60 days in the BitTorrent Bundle, the production can be further distributed to other media, including streaming services. This means that the company is willing to support other interested producers the idea.

In the case of BitTorrent Originals productions, there are two forms of distribution: the first will be free but will display ads; the second will be free of advertising, but it will cost $ 9.95 per package or season.

At least this is the remuneration scheme of the science fiction series Children of The Machine, the first part of the project. The initial season will have eight episodes of 60 minutes start to be recorded this fall. The distribution via BitTorrent Bundle must be made ​​at the end of the year.

Producers will be 90% of the collected amount; BitTorrent Inc. will receive the remaining 10% for commission and coverage of marketing spend.

This is certainly a great way to ward off the stigma of piracy that the company carries because of the protocol that bears his name.