Black Legging, How To Use?

Hello Dear!

You might be wondering: and how to use a black legging? It is indicated for all kinds of bodies? These questions can be answered through images that help us in the time to assemble the looks.

I think very important collection of images in the process of formation of the fashion style. Always checked out those looks that called me more attention, so it’s easier to fix them with what I have at home.

I separated some important tips in time to use the legging for you, let’s see?

  1. The Tissue Accumulations.

A legging must always be well stretched in the body and the right length! She can’t have an accumulation in the groin area or cinnamon. Taut is not synonymous with seams nearly unraveling, okay? The measure is comfort! Is able to perform all day-to-day activities without feeling uncomfortable with the clothes.

  1. Cover Your Butt!

Cover the butt it is essential not to let the play vulgar. Whenever you use the leggings make sure that your blouse or overlap cover enough for anyone to stare too much for. In addition, this tip is good for those who have big hips, use the top covering until end of hips helps decrease the contrast between them and the legs.

  1. Watch With Glow!

Nowadays we find many leggings with metallic gloss or available in the market. My tip is that you reserve the shiny legging for special occasions. You can even wear it during the day, as long as you’re thinking about a more stylish look, which will attract attention for sure! So, when in doubt, bet on matte legging for day and shiny for the night. Open an exception for the Academy. We’re already using colorful and shiny legging in a while to go to the gym, then, in this environment, people are already used to, then you can use the play without feeling the Carmen Miranda coming to train!

  1. Do Not Climb Too Much Play In The Waist!

We don’t want to mark what we don’t want to show. So, always leave a small space between his legs and, preferably, use a close guard to help disguise if the your Leggings have very short Fund.

Well, about the types of bodies, the legging is a piece extremely democratic. Actually, my intention in this project #OGuardaRoupaPerfeito is to bring pieces that suited well to all types of bodies, styles and wardrobes.

And don’t forget: When using the Black legging, Mark our project with the hashtag#Oguardaroupaperfeito so I can see and be happy to have helped in some way.