BlackBerry Coenzyme Q10 in the Test

The BlackBerry Q10 shows an excellent endurance test and connects the clenched innovations of the new platform BlackBerry of 10 with the legendary keyboard.

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“We had to begin with a pure touchscreen Smartphone”, explains Carsten Titt, PR Manager Central Europe at BlackBerry, in conversation with connect. “Only so we were able to show that our new operating system BlackBerry 10 is through touch screen-ready.”

Succeeded, as shown by the compelling test of BlackBerry Z10. Now it’s time for the next step: BlackBerry is a Smartphone that combines the modern technology of the new operating system with a real QWERTY keyboard.

Powerful hardware

This new smartphone is called Q10 and is in the same price range as the Z10: was the Q10 for offered 600 euros at the time of the test.

Even when the hardware, outweigh the similarities between Q10 and Z10. Both are based on the same, fast Qualcomm dual-core processor with 1.5 GHz clocking, 2 gigabytes of RAM and 16 GB of Flash memory. That’s enough for more than liquid reactions to all wishes of the user.

Also in the connectivity of Q10 Z10 moves right – up to quad band LTE, he just as fully supported all relevant mobile communication standards such as Wi-FI and Bluetooth. Even at the near field communication NFC and in high resolution picture and sound output via HDMI the Q10 is full on the amount of time.

Processing: Excellent keyboard

The processing of the Q10 is beyond any doubt. A stainless steel frame if the whole housing ensures high strength steel rails separate the rows of buttons and stabilize the area close to the camera.

A comfortable non-slip cover radio-translucent glass fibre fabric hides the battery replaceable, larger in comparison to the Z10 and the holder for micro-SIM and micro-SD card.

The finely woven structure of this handy coated component processed the Q10 as well as the minimal matte finish of the legibly inscribed, illuminated in the dark keyboard.

The buttons are designed for marksmanship and convince with their defined pressure point. Who taps much under difficult conditions, such as walking or as a passenger on bumpy roads, is best served by the new BlackBerry. Only the ingenious word prediction of the Z10 is unfortunately missing.

Display: Brilliant, but small

Takes the place of the keyboard and the Q10 is a total handy, the screen with a diagonal of 3.1 inches is small. The screen is made of high-resolution OLED technology with 720 x 720 pixels. Drawing of detail, contrast and color saturation are at the highest level. Luminance limited to 151 cd/m2 but reduces the readability on sunny summer days.

Is a website is eye-unfriendly small displayed can be changed conveniently located mostly in a read only mode. You can go to sent the disadvantage of the small screen. Also follows the Q10 of proven BlackBerry tradition and is to control with a series of keyboard shortcuts.

This shows that BlackBerry still stands for fast operation, even if there is still not quite as many shortcuts as the old operating system. Disruptive on our test unit is at the edges of little sensitive touch screen; This weakness seems to be the absolute exception.

The customization of the operating system on the touch screen keyboard operation is managed very, the gesture control works as usual. All qualities that characterise the modern BlackBerry operating system, can be found even when the Q10.

This is true for the great messaging interface called hub, as well as special abilities like BlackBerry balance for the peaceful coexistence of private freedom and operational security. Only in the application Web shop Blackberry World quite a few apps, for example the free DB missing Navigator or the tools of important transport company.

Level of metrological point of view

It is not only on the larger battery because the Q10 is sustained as the Z10 in many areas based on the same technology. BlackBerry, have succeeded in reducing UMTS energy consumption – at the same time somewhat diminished, but still good wireless performance.

Also the smaller OLED display contributes to the excellent stamina values, leading to a typical running time of nearly eight hours. And the talk times are even higher; during a telephone conversation, steam talker are also delighted with a high sound quality.

This is true for the owner of the Q10, but even more for the called, as shown in the high speech intelligibility during a telephone conversation with road noise.

Conclusion: 3rd place!

Z10, and now with the Q10 BlackBerry delivered each an optimal customized Smartphone for more on entertainment as well as for the more active communication-oriented clientele.

Even if the two devices without a doubt are worth your money, the high degree of perfectionism is not exactly cheap. That’s why it will be important for the success of the Canadian company, that BlackBerry offers most quickly even cheaper smartphones.

The BlackBerry Q5 is already announced, and according to the usually well-informed circles, the company intends to expand its portfolio until end of 2013 on approximately five devices. Should these candidates keep the level now reached, the comeback would have succeeded.

The BlackBerry Q10 anyway, get the number of points won third highest ever in our Smartphone test – congratulations to Canada!