Bluetooth Speaker Which Has The Best Price

We are dedicated to the headphones, but also to those bluetooth devices, so that today we bring you something different.

We know which are the best speakers quality price, but not typical of above the table, not. We will find the best portable bluetooth speaker. This same in this publication you will find the best of less than € 100 and € 200. Let’s start with the first.

After trying many of the best speakers valued in a huge market, and hard-fought, hearing test blindly, we believe without a doubt that Logitech EU MiniBoom is the best, this is a speaker who, for about € 110, will cover the needs of most of you.Despite being small, it sounds more strong, intense and natural than most of its competitors, including many larger models.

This is the second consecutive year in which we have chosen the MiniBoom as our first choice, although it is the first time that I have heard him personally. As a reviewer of audio with enough experience, people often ask me that speakers for laptop can buy. It is a difficult question to answer, since there are many styles, sizes and prices, but the MiniBoomi would be a great alternative.

There are many things that I like and very few that don’t like me. In fact, if all my things suddenly disappeared tomorrow, the MiniBoom is one of the first articles of audio that I would buy. Sounds almost as strong as a large flat-screen TV and, as it is as small as the other half, it can be placed almost anywhere. It sounds so well that almost all the elements of a music track, you can hear from the dishes, to more low notes of a guitar (although perhaps not, lowest bass notes).

Ultimate Ears announced the MegaBoom, a bigger, stronger and more resistant Bluetooth Speakerphone. The MegaBoom stands out for its 21.59 cm. tall by 8.25 of width and its 907 grams, in addition to its battery of 20 hours of duration and its load of 2.5 hours, according to the EU. This speaker is too large to move the MiniBoom in our selection of portable speakers, but it is a good choice if you want a wireless speaker with more volume and don’t mind that its size is larger.

Best €100 bluetooth speakerphone. Logitech EU MiniBoom

For all that they participate in the test, the Logitech EU MiniBoom was the obvious choice for the buyer half. It is cheap and easy to carry everywhere, since it has the size of the other half. Sounds almost as strong as a large flat-screen TV, so it has enough power to fill with sound from a hotel room. The music you play will sound full, not as a reduced version of the same. You will hear all the voices and instruments with clarity, and the only thing you will notice is the lack of more bass notes of the bass.

Us surprised how well it sounded and strong which could play music.

But how well does sound like? Both Peter and Mary as they ranked just behind him, more than twice as expensive, Bose SoundLink Mini, and tied with the much more expensive EU Boom, although these two are larger and can sound louder. My assessment of a day and a half session was the first in which I tried the MiniBoom EU, and although he knew that it was our first choice, did not surprise me how well it sounded and intensity reaching.

Despite its small size, the MiniBoom EU allows you to hear the slight hiss and the youth voice of Taylor Swift both encouragement from Miles Davis trumpet. And it sounds almost as strong as if someone was singing to the Lung in your room. “More than others of its size and, even, many larger speakers”, I pointed out in my notes. Once Peter and Maria checked the price of the tested units, they recommended the EU MiniBoom as first choice without hesitation, and I agree.

On you can find a good deal of this speaker.

The EU MiniBoom speaker is available in various colors: orange with a white grille, black with a purple, green grid with a purple screen or all black.

Voices and solo instruments such as piano, saxophone and electric guitar sound much more natural and robust that in other similar sized Bluetooth speakers.

The best sound of the EU MiniBoom is that it is clear, quite full and largely free of distortion. Mary, Peter and I we realized that the sound treble were somewhat less intense, which means that we could not hear with so much detail tweeters like cymbals or acoustic guitar sounds. But that seems to be something common to most powerful Bluetooth speakers.

We look at how they are physically. They are compared with the speaker Bose.

Beyond its impressive sound quality, EU MiniBoom provides everything you expect from a portable speaker: speaker and pairing NFC and the possibility to choose between six different colors function. The role of the speaker worked very well, with clarity excellent voice and great intensity at both ends. The battery lasts 10 hours; in our test, we hear the theme “Aja” by Steely Dan for 12.5 hours at a moderate listening level of 75 DB. You can also connect two speakers EU MiniBooms to create stereo or to reproduce the same sound in two adjacent rooms.

It has flaws, but they are not insurmountable

As already mentioned, the tiple of EU MiniBoom is too nuanced, so it loses something fresh instruments with higher sound such as the cymbals, percussion, acoustic guitar, flute or violin. You may also lose part of the sense of atmosphere, the reverb and a recording space. (These are problems common to all small Bluetooth speakers, since almost none have tweeters).

Reproduces the sounds sufficiently high to enjoy music at a small meeting or to listen to a football match in a day in the country with a half-dozen people, but in that begins the conversation, the sound of the EU Mini Boom may be poor, especially outdoors.

In addition, differs from the EU BOOM cylindrical, bigger and sounds very strong in all directions, the MiniBoom is a directional speaker, which means that most of the sound will be heard in the direction which aims the device. This, surely, is not a big problem for most, but it’s something to keep in mind when placing it, this reminds a little bluetooth headset right?

Finally, although the MiniBoom has a rubber and is made of sturdy, highly resistant, metal it is not water resistant. If you’re an adventurer who often spend time near the water (or like a device to listen to music in the shower), this would not be your best option.

Best$200 bluetooth speakerphone

We, in our test blind of small Bluetooth speakers, actually chose The Bose SoundLink Mini II as the model of speaker with best sound at acceptable price. So why not we named this model as our first choice? Basically for the price, since not everyone wants to pay 200 euros. In short, Yes. The Bose SoundLink Mini sounds better than the Mini Boom, but not twice as well, by this reason put it as second.

In addition, to be, supposedly, a portable speaker, is not too portable. Requires not only a property charging stand, but it weighs twice as much as our selection and its battery lasts only 7 hours. Finally, its style is considered as “corporate”.

Or what is the same, if you want a small speaker that sounds really well and you can live with all the IFS and buts that you have commented, you won’t feel disappointed.This was evidenced by the fact of being one of the small Bluetooth speakers more sold on the market in Spain, in addition to the positive comments made by its users.

Intermediate alternative: more sound, with lower at a higher price

If you want a strong, intense soundwhich can provide you the speaker Bluetooth EU MiniBoom, have the Bose SoundLink Color €45, although it is somewhat larger and not sound as well in lower volumes.

Bose SoundLink Color is a good choice if you do not find the MiniBoom or if you don’t mind paying a little more for a slightly larger speaker and sound more intense. Colorsounds much deeper that the MiniBoom, therefore greatly improve the bass and rhythm of the melody. If you hear a song by Led Zeppelin through this device, really know what it was able to John Bonham with battery; that is something that I can not give the EU MiniBoom. This feature is especially important if you are a fan of rock, hip-hop or R & B.

Although our measurements indicated that the only SoundLink Color sounded 0.5 dB stronger than the EU Mini Boom, their low frequencies make sound feel as much stronger, in the same way that a big acoustic guitar sounds more potent than a small.So This is the speaker that is ideal if you want a more muscular than the EU’s MiniBoom sound but don’t want to spend more than €180.

In general, we prefer the sound of the MiniBoom because it has media and lightest treble and sound better to smaller volumes – for example, with the Color, the voices may sound a bit off, as if the singer had a t-shirt over his head. However, the Color is still very good. If in our tests blind was beaten by the Bose SoundLink small, the EU Boom and the MiniBoom EU it was because the sound of the colour is duller and less vivid. However, it costs about €60 less and is more portable than the other Bose.

The SoundLink Color design is also commendable, for our taste is much more attractive than most of the other products from Bose. There is no speaker function, but it has a robust chassis that is designed to withstand falls to the ground.Compared with the EU MiniBoom, this is almost twice as large and weighs 50% more, which makes it probably too big and heavy to carry in your backpack or bag.This is another reason why we prefer the MiniBoom, however there were who put it in a suitcase for a trip a week. The battery lasts about 8 hours, although in our test playing “Aja” by Steely Dan at a moderate level, 80 dB, arrived at 7 pm.

A super cheap and super portable option

August MS425B only costs around € 27, but it offers a very complete set of functions and sound good enough to listen to podcasts or background music.

For anyone fond of the music or think listening to much, we believe that the EU MiniBoom is a smart investment. We realize, however, to spend about € 70 in a speaker Bluetooth may not have too much sense to some.

Only you may want to hear talk of a radio program or put background music. Perhaps you want something sound to give life to your office, but you don’t want to annoy your classmates. You may want to buy the speaker for a child to his colleagues. Perhaps you’re buying for a child. In these cases, the August MS425B is a great choice due to its price low. Do not include it in our listening test, because we knew that it would not be able to compete with more expensive models, but it is easily the best speaker I’ve heard in your price range.

Surprisingly for a product in this price range, its fit, finish and features are comparable with the of many other products that cost three or four times more. Includes a speaker function that works almost as well as the EU MiniBoom (the voice of the person on the other end sounded very clear and said that my voice too, though a bit weak).

It has buttons for play/pause and skip track that also are used to control the volume, and it has voice messages that indicate you when connected via Bluetooth. He has lower probably expected of a device of this size and sounds it sufficiently high (and more) for any use from those described above. The battery only lasts 5 hours, but in one of our tests was playing the song Aja for 14 hours at full volume, and in another for 13.5 hours.

The August is available in metallic shades of blue, red, gold, champagne, silver and black.

Its disadvantage is that the sound is heavy mid-range, so power voices and instruments soloists such as guitar and saxophone, but resonates a little bit when you are close to the maximum volume. However, for a unit that is the size of half a can of Coca-Cola, it is not bad.

Next models

No guide is perfect. There are too many models and innovations arise too quickly to cover them all. If we wait for a week to cover the new model X, the and will be released a week later, so it is best to wait to include the latter? Next? In addition, very shortly we hope to see dozens of new models at the trade show CES.Either way this device is great for listening to TV from another site, as if it is a radio.

This is one of the larger categories and growing we cover. So this guide represents a portion of time that we include everything we could, tested more thoroughly than any other, and one that stood out above the rest.

Of course, CES 2015 witnessed the launch of a lot of new portable Bluetooth speaker. The most promising is the new speaker Bluetooth EU MegaBoom: bigger, stronger and more resistant. Measuring 21.59 cm. tall by 8.25 in width and weighs 907 grams. Its battery lasts 20 hours on a charge of 2.5 hours. In addition, the MegaBoom is born with the intention of improving the quality of the sound the MiniBoom and Boom original (our chosen what to speakers Bluetooth duty refers). The MegaBoom has the same certification IPX7 to Boom, it is water resistant up to 3.5 mm. It is too big to carry, so the MiniBoom is still our main choice in the category of portable speakers, but it can be a good option if you want more volume and don’t mind the size.

Conclusion on the Bluetooth speaker

There is such a variety of Portable Bluetooth speakers today, that thought that choosing the best would be very difficult. But it did not. The Logitech EU MiniBoom (yet) offers an unbeatable combination of sound quality, affordability, reduced in size and style. If you want something more comprehensive, powerful and intense we recommend the Bose SoundLink Mini II. If you have the budget certainly take advantage of this offer.

If you want better sound and need more volume, and don’t mind a larger chassis, you have the Denon DBS-200 Envaya. If you want to get a sound level “fiesta” and not mind one larger size, we recommend the Multimedia Bass NYNE. And, finally, if you only need a small cost Bluetooth speaker and power low, buy the MS425B August.

Although we continue to believe that the EU MiniBoom is the best bet for most people. And we considered the best speaker quality price. But again, if you can spend € 200 go for the Mini II.