Body In Swimming Position: Horizontal

In today’s post I’d like to talk about the position of the body in swimming. First to see the advantages of doing so correctly and secondly, because of the influence that has taken this position for our digestion. Did not you know?Discover it!

Position Of The Body In Swimming: How To Swim Properly

In most sports the normal position is vertical, being on our feet and leaving to act the principle of gravity, being our natural position we are at which more than accustomed. As you know in swimming does not occur this!, our body adopts a horizontal position, in order to be able to move to achieve a better body position and therefore a lower resistance. For this reason, it is important to take into account several factors:

The horizontal position of the body should allow us to move your feet properly, with some depth (not many), to allow us moving the feet effectively and created by our body resistance is the smallest. If we let the feet sinking into excess, progress will be slow, because we will be creating more resistance.

Lto side of body alignment, i.e., our body to fluctuate from one side to another as consequence of the alternative movement of the arms, will cause more resistance if this movement is very broad. The more straight to either side, less fluctuating alignment movement and therefore less water resistance.

The rotation that occurs through the longitudinal axis (roll) in the styles of crawl and backstroke, facilitates both traction and the recovery of the arms. So it is a constant in the movement of the swimmer.Usually usually turn more towards the side that you can breathe. Perform the proper rotation will support when it comes to gain speed.

Many are the factors that determine the speed of a swimmer, swimming technique, physical shape, size of feet and hands, until the bone Constitution type or structure of your joints. On some, we have no control, but that we do have, such as the previous three highlights, we must act and train him. Through this training, we will achieve, gain speed, an adequate recovery of arms, breathing efficiency and a lower resistance to the advance.

The second reason why I wanted to try the issue of horizontal position, is the relationship with the digestive process.The position of the body in swimming, to be horizontal is favoured the return of food through the esophagus, therefore, is essential to proper digestion and good assimilation of food pre-training.

I facilitated the post “power supply for swimmers: swimmer nutrition” that wrote our colleague Pablo Ferrer, of the nutrition blog, to get accurate information of everything that that entails.

I hope you will help a proper execution of movement zigzag of the swimmer and know what with the most appropriate feeding guidelines for a swimming session.

#beaconsejo: If you have the ability to burn you in the pool in which you exercise, do it! It is very constructive and easier to improve. See the position of the body that we adopt to swim, be aware of what movements we do wrong and what well and thus learn about more specific aspects should activate levers and train with higher demand.

Until the next post!