Boing Black – the Smartphone, Which Destroys Itself

Boeing is now not just aircraft, but also for smartphones. Not any. The Smartphone Boing Black of the aircraft manufacturer is secure and can destroy itself.

According to the NSA Abhörsandal the demand is skyrocketed after secure phones in the population. In addition to a few others, now large American aircraft manufacturer Boeing supplies the market with an own Smartphone where is NSA and co. to bite out the teeth. The Smartphone Boing Black is characterized due to data security. Two things should particularly characterise the Boing Black Smartphone according to US media reports and make it a real agent Smartphone: firstly the Boing Black Smartphone should be secure and encrypt calls. On the other hand it can destroy even, if someone tries to crack the Smartphone. The Boing Black Smartphone recognizes when to create data thieves and enemy Spies on the housing sealed with epoxy resin of the Smartphone is and settles itself out of action, before it reveals secrets and deletes all stored data – so a bit, as we know it from the mission impossible movies. The Otto ordinary consumer mobile users can not satisfy probably still his need for more security during a telephone conversation with the secure Boing wholesale Smartphones: Boing wants his Boing Black Smartphone namely not to guys sell, but only to government authorities in the field “Defense and homeland security” – right agents so.

The Boing Black Smartphone should be built in the United States, be slightly bigger than an iPhone and run with the operating system Android by Google. A dual SIM function should also have the Boing Black Smartphone. What Boing Black it will cost and when it comes on the market, is not yet known. Or maybe secret?

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