Bomber Sports And Silver

Silver Bomber And Sneakers

Very good day! Yes, this was the result by my passage through the peluquria, did a bob cut, which I cleaned up me hair missing. They also made me a gradient color from roots to tips that I liked a lot.The truth is that I cut not more because if there’s something comfortable, especially for the gym, it is to be able to pick up the hair. Very happy with the result. By the way I bought a product for frizz and hydration, that when testing will tell you.
A Super Saturday which I shared with my friend Arantxa (Ponteunostacones) and his wonderful family. With a summer heat by Madrid and with a sumptuous meal that we squeeze between chest and back. Before leaving us home we take to make photos (before us were light). The day ended with a dinner/meeting with the family of my father’s friend and wonderful family. How many memories of childhood, very emotional…

The bomber today is one of my quotes of rebates, which will also give me a big game in the change of season. New Sneakers, that fear gives me to get me to get out the heels!

And Sunday-today I am sitting with my PC, by editing this post while I do a round of beef, baked sea bass, hope that you end of the washing machine and also hope to my Holy spouse (has gone to see his grandson) to eat. That Yes this afternoon I do not move the sofa while slipping off the House, jajajajaja! Ah no, that my niece comes to help her make a work of the Institute. A quiet weekend as you can see!

It is trying to be happy, don’t forget it. I hope here Monday that comes with more fashion and style, my own, clear. Happy week, kisses, Emi.

I hope you liked! Happy week, kisses, Emi.

Millions of thanks for always being there.