Boots Collection Ramarim Autumn / Winter 2016

The fashion weeks around the world have made it clear what will be top in winter 2016. Being thus the footwear industry companies already start to fabricate their beautiful shoes inspired by the trends. And we, women, admirers of this beautiful piece of clothing, and compulsive about shoes, we foolishly waiting for the release of these collections.

The Ramarim that already came together, launched its autumn / winter 2014 and the options boots are wonderful! It has for all tastes and styles, with jumping, creeping, long barrel, medium barrel, sawed and so on. The campaign slogan is: beautiful, powerful and comfortable, and not fall short, all models are really drives and super comfortable. Following the colors season trends they bet in brown, black, burgundy and gray. Also left some models with prints and applications buckles and spikes, giving a modern touch.

Fall / Winter 2016 Ramarim

A few of ankle boots models are more sophisticated, with a beak and thin heel with gold indentations, giving shine and leaving in evidence the elegance of models. Perfect for more traditional legal events. Others have give a relaxed look at, but do not leave the elegance, these are medium heel, some in material with zippers details, bands and spikes, perfect to party!

Also they launched some models with a more modern style and a more grunge footprint that simply loved it! With applications in spikes, buckles and bands, some with prints, to assemble the various full of style and looks super relaxed, and very accommodating.

Medium Upper: Fashion Fall / Winter 2016 Ramarim

I simply loved! Models medium pipe, are wonderful. Also following the colors of the season, black, brown, and gray predominate, some more sophisticated models, mid heel, with details of buckles and spikes. More modern in style biker boots and combat boots, bringing laces, zippers and buckles as props, remembering a little style militarism. It was also not forgotten another trend that came roaring back in 2016, the chess! Ramarim put on some models details in chess, the inside of the pipe that is foldable, were drives! They are simply perfect for modern and uncluttered looks.

Long-barreled: Fashion Fall / Winter 2016 Ramarim

The long-barreled collection brings in its models: sophistication, modernity and comfort. those dominated by black, brown and gray. Following two lines of styles, Ramarim brought some more stylish models with medium heel and props such as bands, buckles and zippers, perfect for more formal events. And other more comfortable models and full of style, investing in cowboy boots, or also known as Texan. These amazing models are strong trend for 2016 and Ramarim invested heavily, bringing various models to suit all tastes, one more beautiful than the other.