Boris Johnson Cycling in Melbourne Without Helmet: “Small Is Good”

During a recent visit to Australia at the time of a literary festival, London Mayor Boris Johnson has been immortalized by bike through the streets of Melbourne without a helmet. As you know, Australia is one of the few countries where those who ride is obliged according to the highway code to wear a protective helmet. As he recalled German Chancellor Angela Maerkel the day before yesterday at the presentation of euro bike helmet obligation, however, penalizes the cycling movements and discourage them, which is why in Australia have never taken off several bike sharing plans, including that of Melbourne.

The same opinion seems to be the first citizen of the City, a proponent of one of the world’s most successful bike sharing plans, next to the episode in an interview given to the Australian newspaper Herald Sun said: “there is only one way to restore Melbourne’s bike sharing, suspending the law on mandatory helmet”. However, the eclectic London Mayor apologized for having contravened the rules by admitting they forget for a moment and he saw late the cartel with reporting to wear a helmet. “I hope that my colleague the Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle will understand me,” says Johnson, who never fails to tell her about the law currently in force in Australia. “The task of revising the law of the Australian State, I’m in London I wanted to commit to ensure that the conditions of safe cycling is provided by the number of cyclists themselves by noting that in 90% of accidents in which were involved cyclists, wearing a helmet would not have made a difference. The Australia – concluded Johnson – is one of the most urbanised Countries in the world, but people want more and more liveable cities, green and clean living. ” Spread using the bike, of course, can be according to the Mayor of London, an ideal tool to help realize these cities.