Bose SoundLink Mini in the Practice Test

Maximum performance with minimal format? The mini Bluetooth speaker Bose SoundLink wants to combine both. We looked at more closely the small novice.

Bose, recently in the reader’s choice of connect with the first place for the SoundLink air, a further offshoot sets and thus further promotes the mobility: SoundLink mini is the Bobx that wants to be not so very serious at first glance. Because dimensions of around 5 to 18 to 6 centimetres and 670 grams live weight inspire the tester with man-sized speakers familiar or a little respect.

But there was something with David and Goliath? Boses David technology tricks at its finest from, to have a tonal maxi to mini packs instead of a slingshot. Two small, newly developed speakers dive so deeply into the air gap, that disproportionately much air can move and at the same time two passive speaker cones move, which in turn Low-frequency to enrich the sound. The fine tuning a Digital signal processor, so controlling individual frequency ranges, worried that electronically on the jumps will be helped mechanically difficult illustratable tones.

So nothing resonates as the speaker itself, Bose packed the SoundLink in an anodized impressively solid aluminium enclosure. Finally, usability and design combines a chic charger that uptime will fit the built-in battery for up to 7 hours.

The use of Bluetooth means close without restraints in the Bose SoundLink mini to stream in the A2DP Stereo profile from your Smartphone on the speaker. To describe the sound of the SoundLink mini weighs as much as the taste of the pizza in the restaurant by the sea at sunset. Salami, mozzarella and tomato sauce can not replace the personal impression. Therefore advance only so much: Anyone who enters it loses the bet that such powerful bass can never come from a so tiny body.

Literally tired and precisely went the mini to work and filled the approx. 20 m² demo without support from sound reflecting walls or niche easily. Positioned approximately at ear level a bright central and a sparkling treble joined.

Bose take off the statement that there is no comparable good speakers of this size class, without hesitation. Unfortunately the also applies for the price: 199 Euro are not just little measurable volume – the sound, the applications, the solidity and last but not least the surprise but always worth the investment.