Boyfriend Jeans: Casual Spring Look For Strong Women

Casual style, casual fit, favorite look-perfect versatility: Boyfriend jeans, so jeans that look like we’ve stolen them from the wardrobe of our beloved, are an absolutely great addition to the female wardrobe.

Especially for Plussize ladies the relaxed cut denim version, which offers just as much freedom of movement as styling, is an excellent choice. Because boyfriend jeans flatter female curves and let – actually combined – actually look slimmer. We show today in our post how boyfriend jeans of women with curves are multifaceted and beneficially styled and what is important when wearing. So that you can enjoy the advantages of the boyfriend jeans in the best way possible.

Boyfriend Jeans & Female Curves: An Exciting Fashion Accessory

Long were long-legged pants as no-go for chubby women, as they would spread the legs visually rather than make them appear narrower. Galten!Because at the end of the 2000s they were there, the boyfriend jeans. Since then, they are the most casual (and most comfortable) way to wear denim-and explicitly also for curve stars!Boyfriend jeans have the advantage that they are loosely and succinctly cut, straight on the bunch and relaxed, so they are extremely comfortable.They offer plenty of “space” to a lush butt, strong thighs or swollen calves and are therefore perfect for women with a rather strong hip-butt and leg part. Nothing tweaks or cuts inconveniently-Boyfriend jeans are, so to speak, comforting favorite denims. In addition, the pants can be combined wonderfully versatile.

So The Plussize Trend Boyfriend Jeans Are Styled

In general boyfriend jeans are actually any figurine type. Small, chubby women or women with rather short, strong legs should however make sure that the ankles can be seen, because it stretches the silhouette. If the pants legs of the jeans are casually rolled up, the even more powerful ankles in proportion to the trouser leg width can look pretty narrow. For this, you can combine shoes with heel, which makes you a few centimeters bigger and slimmer by stretching the silhouette visually.

Perfect for boyfriend jeans fit both sporty shoe models as well as elegant variants such as pumps or booties with heel. Lace pumps are, as well as sexy stilettos or peep-toes, a feminine combo for boyfriend jeans. But also the seasonally hard-wearing plateau sandals or summery wedges, for example in the espadrille style, fit perfectly to the cool denims with wide legs. Nude colored pumps, similar in color to the skin tone, are a particularly refined “Schlank-Cheat trick”, because they conjure up, still in an acute shape and with narrow heel, even longer legs. If it’s cooler, classic ankle boots or ankle boots are a stylish choice for boyfriend jeans.

What Are The Tops For The Plussize Boyfriend Jeans?

“Top-of-the-range”, you can enjoy almost unlimited freedom of combination with Boyfriend jeans: Pleasantly comfortable and beneficial for Plussize ladies are slightly longer cut topsmade of softly flowing materials that can play the belly and hip part skillfully, such as a longshirt, a tunic or a sporty shirt blouse , If you put the top of the trousers in the front, you will be able to concentrate your eyes on the center of your body and make sure that the proportions do not flute despite the length of the shell.

Also tops in the so-called A-line, for example an exposed cut top or a Babydoll-style shirt, fit super Boyfriend jeans and look feminine. On the arms, shoulders and décolleté, shells to Boyfriend jeans can be smoothly body-weakened.

Cool features an all-over denim look, where you wear a jeans shirt for boyfriend jeans, which should be lighter or darker than your pants. If you like it rocky, a check shirt or a band shirt fits perfectly to Boyfriend jeans, rounded off by leather or jeans jacket. Summery and elegant, you can style a casual boyfriend-cut jeans with an airy blouse or an ethno-top-bright colors look particularly beautiful on tanned skin. Maybe a hat with a wide brim and eye-catching sandals and you are already perfectly dressed for a stroll through the city or an excursion.

If It Is To Be Elegant…

…you can combine your boyfriend jeans, for example, with a slim blazer. If you do not mind, you will also be able to see the slit of your arm, which will make you seem slimmer. Extravagant is an open long vest in a straight, graphical shape. A simple shirt looks particularly good. Accessories such as a striking statement chain or long earrings attract attention and make the look special.Large rings look better on hands of louder women than very filigree, the same applies to bracelets.Whether you choose a smart clutch or a hip bag to your look, it is up to you. Nice details: Nail polish matched to your outfit for finger and/or toenails.

Feminine hairstyles or hair accessories are a contrast to the masculine pants cut, a red kiss mouth or dramatic Smokey Eyes.