Bra Makes Bad for Breast Health, Research Says

Us, woman, rarely finds the bra she looks for at first.It can be strapped, without strap, swimmer style, with lace, lycra, cotton, sexy, basic, with bulge, half cup, with push up, and there it goes.Buying bras is a mission.You have to find one that fits correctly, that does not squeeze or bother you, that does not make the fat jump off your back, but that at the same time supports the front commission and is sensual.Ufa!

And now, if all you ever knew about the bra is a lie? After all, bra prevents breasts from falling?Marylin Monroe, for example, always slept in a bra to keep them firm.What if she knew that sleeping “freely” would have been better for her sex symbol image?

That’s what they’re saying.A French scientist named Jean-Denis Rouillon said that bras are not needed to make breasts firmer or to prevent back pain.

“Clinically, physiologically, the breasts anatomically gain no benefit by denying gravity, Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon of the University of Besançon told France Info radio.

According to the scientist’s research, the muscles around the breast become stronger and can rise up to 7mm per year towards the shoulders with the abolition of the bra.This controversial research of the scientist lasted 15 years included 320 women with different sizes of bust and ages, and concluded that the bras could even prevent the growth of the breasts.

Capucine, a 28-year-old woman who participated in an in-depth study of the teacher, has not worn a bra for two years, and swears by the results.”There are several advantages: I breathe easier, I move better, and I have less back pain,”said Capucine of France Info.

Still, the doctor himself says that this is a very small sample, and the results of abolishing the bra in the long run are unknown, and that, for example, a 45-year-old mother would have no benefit at all by abolishing the bra.

Whether for comfort or aesthetics, stopping wearing a bra is not easy. Especially in winter and for sports. Previous studies have shown that not wearing a top during exercise can be harmful.The ligaments that support the breasts are not elastic, and their extension may be irreversible when the breasts jump a lot during repetitive impact sports.

What do you think about this?