Brady Bags – Quality Sporting Leather Goods

To manufacturers of products for hunting and outdoor recreation are picked up by a more fashion-conscious audience has become increasingly common in men’s vogue. From having been seen as a little mossy has functional design and durability has become a top priority. A clear example of the phenomenon is that of many unknown bag Brady Bags.

As with so many other firms from England so Brady can boast a rich history. The firm was founded by two brothers in Birmingham in the 1870 ‘s that wanted to provide hunters with gevärfordral in leather. Soon expanded the range of shoulder bags in canvas for anglers, which has become the strongest product associated with Brady. Also at, you can check other models of bags such as evening bag, crossbody bag and so on.

In the 60 ‘s became Brady’s bag a bit of an icon as the celebrities picked it up and began to carry the bag. But the hype died right quick and firm fell rapidly into obscurity among the fashion conscious. For a little over ten years ago fought the firm together with Jeffries Saddlery and the factory was moved from Haloswen to Walsall. Quality remains the same, verging on outslitbar canvas and leather and handmade in a urbrittisk factory. To reach a new category of customers and increase sales employee Lesley Tayler, with experience from Mulberry, as designer. This has led to a series of new models that run parallel with the classics that always existed. New colors were added and the bags has again reached the trendy crowd who are attracted by the quality together with the anglofila approach.

It’s not entirely surprising that the bags have achieved the greatest success in Japan, a market in Brady now produce their own models. The Japanese, like the British and happy to go all the way by wearing tweeds, brogues and Trickers-Brady-bags. Vintagefantasten Nigel Cabourn love Brady so much that he in his fall collection 2011 chose to cooperate with the firm where he updated their classics in a more luxurious style but with a historical authentic feel. Regardless of what is going to happen to fashion cycles presented above, you can not take away from Brady to their bags is an icon whose quality cannot be questioned.