Brightly Colored Garments for Gorditas

Like many women have and wear a youthful look that is strikingly contrasting bright and neutral colors that match the costumes and accessories that take place.

The gorditas think that only the colors dark favors them, but if they are only limited to carry these tones or the famous black, there will never be variety and joy in their appearance.

Garments of brightly for gorditas, not to say than clothes “huachafas” or desentonadas, must be taken into account to dress well must seek harmony, contrast and balance. Therefore, colors that will give vibrancy to our look can be clothes such as poles, blouses, pants, short, dress, blazer, coats, accessories, etc. Here at, you can check some combination of brightly colored clothes for gorditas.

Living for gorditas garments are going to combine it with another tone that you balance to your look, you can be neutral as beige or nude colors.

If you’re wearing a dress of striking or vivid color, then already do not give him more filling, but if you bring a jacket and dark or shoes of the same color with less intensity.

The vivid colors does not refer only to the phosphorescent, but also the colors that are not dark or neutral, like coral, red, blue, yellow, green, Orange, etc.

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