British Government Puts Aircraft Carrier for Sale on Auction Site

auction sites are great sources of cheap products. Although the origin of the products depends on the honesty of the seller buyer usually they are sold at prices below the market. And we are very well served of such sites in Brazil. We have the Free Market, the tailpiece, the whole offer and so on. In the UK, the British government itself has its website specializing in this type of negotiation. And a curious item was placed yesterday to auction.

The HSM Invincible aircraft carrier used by the British government since 1980, was put on sale at the official auction site in the country. According to the government, they hope to £ 2 million in the sale and ensure that the ship is in great condition. 17 thousand tons, the ship is 210 meters long, 46 meters high and had its engine removed before entering the auction.

So if you have a couple million pounds to spare, visit, see if the seller is trustworthy, add the item into your cart, put the number of your credit card and buy your own gift carrier. After all, Christmas is just around the corner. The auction runs until January 5 next year, so hurry!