Brooch With Rubies

It is written Verbum Car. There are controversies about your meaning, since this expression is present in the Bible with the meaning the word became flesh (and dwelt among us). Interpreted in this way, the play becomes almost a religious symbol. His owner, Millicent Rogers, said that Verbum–in this first of many pieces designed by her and performed by Flato-meant A word to my dear, referring probably to the husband number 2.

Millicent Rogers is a very interesting figure with brooch jewelry from Standard Oil heiress, married three times, had children, collected many spectacular jewelry, was a passionate fashion of the stature of Diana Vreeland, got rid of almost everything, moved to New Mexico to live in a House very simple for your standard and high society gathered most spectacular collection of native American jewelry. Your House today houses a museum that bears your name. There is a biography released in 2011 with the title Searching for Beauty: the life of Millicent Rogers, Cherie Burns, for those who want to know more about her.

In time, this gem was exposed by Lee Stiegelson, renowned antique dealer and New York jeweler, jewelry in the Biennale des Antiquaires in 2012.