Bullet Holes in Skulls

The woodwork need to plan for the coming winter. In essence, there a course where you are registering, is to make a cabinet of bells. Bring oneself on the floor Könni the clock did not feel such which would fit our style. The clock must be less and something more modern style. To make it easier to design a clock cabinet, I started subscribing to the clock mechanism.

I installed a clock attached to the plate to get my plan better housing. At the same time I was able to try out the functioning of the machine and adjust the pendulum and the clock is ticking for the right time. Installing a spiral was not quite simple. I could hardly do a double way how it should be. Finally, I found the place and the position where it is to be fit and does not guarantee the clock too much to the side and thus takes up space.

When I got to put the clock on the wall and started the machinery so it did not go quite as liked. The clock is ticking for about five minutes and then stop. Just as the bet would stop. However, when the pendulum to give new momentum early then it goes to visit again. I do not understand how the machine is not twill. The drive is straight and in the bob run vajerit I understand correctly.

Clock pysähtelyyn found the solution to adjustment. Guide is a reference to such enactment visit, but I could not be adjusted without the phone asked questions for help. First of all, the clock parts is strange to me, and I do not know how to interpret all of the titles correctly. That point where it will be adjusted, I was lost.Moreover, it seems that the clock mechanism parts may be wringing, no sensitive mechanics are not damaged. However, the adjustment was only the anchor rod and a visit to an anchor by twisting so that the visit will focus on the anchor relative to käyntirattaaseen. The manual is drawing these parts named but lacked the courage to go to them twisting.

Now the clock has been just over two hours to function properly. Equipment remains exactly the time but of course there is such a short time that this still can not see how a lot of time to throw the right time. Engine speed will probably be easier to adjust when the pendulum is a thumb screw adjustment which gives weight is increased or decreased continuously. The clock will now go there on the wall for some days. At the same time need to start to consider the dimensions of the housing. Every half hour you can enjoy the clock to comply. The open machinery does not bother to be exposed to dust for very long.