Burberry Sheer Foundation – “Trench – No.. 1 “

A little while ago I got to finally laid the “Sheer Foundation” by Burberry me. Actually, it was already quite long on the wishlist, but at a price of ~ €40 and actually more than enough Foundation at home, it took something, until I bought it.

Burberry is very exclusive and already quite luxury in terms of beauty, unfortunately not always to get (online already, but with a nasty shipping costs price of €15), but I wanted to but like to briefly introduce the Foundation. At the end of the post you will find also a list of points of sale of Burberry beauty. 🙂

By the way, there is also a second Foundation, which was “velvet Foundation”, which however for my taste too opaque. For the “Sheer Foundation” (especially in the comparison) is very, very sheer, as it already is in the name, but just given the hopefully soon next spring, this version fits much better.

I am Yes as a small packaging and am always very pretty outer boxes – including by Burberry, all of which are in fine beige. The box is a bit of “Woodchip wallpaper”, is structured – on the front, one finds also structured incorporated name and co.in silver, otherwise, all necessary info in simple black are printed.

Of course but also the bottle looks really classy at the first moment that for me but unfortunately is the biggest flop – is especially beautiful because a so expensive Foundation, and also just the brand I expect no plastic packaging. But unfortunately the. The bottle is quite plump plastic, what I find really odd. Although everything is beautiful and of course especially the lid with the typical pattern of Burberry in metallic anthracite is a highlight, but for me it lessens the feeling of luxury just a bit.

But back to the hard facts:you must not scare yourself here – in closed bottle, the quantity looks rather small.Taking off the cover, the whole is of course still a good piece after above up to the pump dispenser.

The square bottle lies well in the hand, looks nice and makes good particularly also among all the other make-up utensils.

The pump dispenser (the leaves by turning left and right lock and unlock again – so even great for traveling!) can be operated by the way great – so precise dosage of the product is very well possible, what is always a big plus for me. Sometimes you need just a tiny pump shock more or is already served with half a shock, since this helps of course immensely – so unnecessary consumption is avoided also if you are caught directly times too much.

Here you can of course also again see how full the bottle is actually – but I find it very nice that you can see below already something what is beautiful also in the colour detection.

I of course chose the brightest tone, decided “trench – No1(kinda bad, but all colors are called “Trench” and are numbered – sweet, I would have found a bit more creativity).Shade No.. 2 was pretty pink stitch side and therefore suitable not for me, but also pretty bright. If you are unsure, what tone you fits, a visit to the counter is of course best – may it can be Yes visiting a small town combined with. Burberry has also always sometimes Foundation samples, which perhaps could organize a girlfriend you, so that you can try before. 😉 There you have to be fast but, by the way, they’re probably very quickly sold out!

As regards the opacity, the name – “Sheer Foundation” – is perfectly. The Foundation is very sheer, ensures a natural finish on the face, but has enough opacity to hide small blemishes. Stronger impurities or if you particularly want to cover something, a good concealer or, of course, which is advisable “velvet Foundation”, which covers well.

Also this Foundation is strongly scented like pretty much all Burberry products. This is a matter of taste, but could an or other surprise with intolerance. Therefore I would like to point out that. The fragrance can be found E.g. in the abstractions. Like should the smell already, because it adheres well to the skin and disappears only after a while (and I found that he never quite goes by!). The smell didn’t bother me, although frankly, I’m also of the opinion, that better fragrances there could (fresher for example!), but because it is simply a Burberry thing, I like it actually, this concept at the beauty stuff runs through. An intolerance I could not determine when my very sensitive skin, so no burning, itching or redness, no allergic reactions.

I hope the swatches will help a bit. The color is not quite fit on the back of the hand and also on the inside of the forearm, so you should be sure to test Foundation for the perfect color in the face!

At the lower “opacity image” you can see very well, as the Foundation emphasizes lines and hairs – therefore I would say also that you should take care for the Foundation on a fine skin texture (by nature) to be able to carry it easily. Each skin type will be not happy here – especially for dry skin I would personally therefore do not recommend it.

So far I’ve painted three looks for the Foundation:

The color fits me perfectly (with Bobbi Brown I need “Porcelain” – for guidance). The opacity is quite to my liking (I prefer light to medium opacity) and the natural finish, I like very much. No powder remains a slight glow, but I always fix my favorite powder (Chanel Poudre universal Libre in “Clair”), also a long-lasting throughout the day to achieve and to tarnish.

My conclusion:
The Foundation is (when of course the correct claims it – so a slight opacity, natural finish, bright color and if you have no problem with the fragrance) it’s good, no question. In my opinion there is at least as good foundation in the price segment (I’m just a giant Bobbi Brown fan and would suggest the “skin Foundation” as an alternative in case of E.g.), but at Burberry to buy the luxury just a bit with.However the luxury feeling with me has gone a bit flutes, as I kept the bottle in his hand. This would be made of glass, it would simply be a completely different feeling and would fit in my opinion so much better with Burberry. But that does in itself not detract the product of course.