Burning Bras

The debut of the tenth season of Globo’s”Amor e Sexo” program was feminist. In the program broadcast on Thursday night (26), presenter Fernanda Lima appeared on stage with the song”Piranha”,  sung by Karol Conka and Gaby Amarantos. Ballerinas and guests, in turn,”burned” bras and asked for gender equality and respect for women. 
Fernanda Lima, ahead of the dancers, gave the feminist tone of the edition right at the opening.”Today we are going to talk about us women, who know the pain and the delight of being who we are, what we live and what we feel,” he said.”Let’s clarify concepts, clean labels and shout that the fight for equal rights, from the symbolic burning of bras, remains firm and strong. For those who do not understand, let’s be literal,” he said.
Then, ballerinas and guests began throwing bras in a smoke-inducing barrel in an allusion to the famous bras burning in the United States in 1968 when 400 activists from the Women’s Liberation Movement protested against the exploitation of the image of Woman in Miss America, which happened in the city of Atlanta.
“I do not deserve to be raped”,”I am a woman and my place is where I want”,”my short clothes are not an invitation to you”, and”my name is not ‘psiu'” were some of the phrases Women of the stage. The program also paid tribute to singer Elza Soares.

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