Camping Help Insomnia

All outdoor activities begin at the moment that the sun rises. When we undertake the adventure there is no time to lose, the day should make it the most; But what happens if we don’t rest well at night? Not you PreoceYou upes, camping is going to help sleep.

According to a study published in the journal Current Biology, camp helps insomnia.According to the report, which made the University of Colorado, rest between the trees and the mountains helped a group of eight people to overcome their difficulty sleeping.

Work recorded, in addition, that the synchronization of the organism with the Sun hours occurred in all participants at the same time. Seven days sleeping in the middle of nature were enough to level the rhythms of sleep and wakefulness, regardless of whether people were accustomed to waking up early or to go to bed late at night.

With the passing of the days all began to wake up more and more near dawn and feel sleep at dusk, progressively synchronizing your internal clock with the activity of the Sun. According to the study, the electric light has affected people’s circadian rhythms (which tells the body when preparing for sleep and when to wake up). In this case, nature returned him to normalize thus achieving perfect rest.

In conclusion, we are beings of the day, draw on solar energy and need to sleep at night. So if not sleep well, organize a camping with tents!