Canton Chrono SLS 790 DC Test

Canton launches a new series of boxes, that is technically and sonically reminiscent of the noble Vento series – costs considerably less. AUDIO has already felt the top model SLS 790 on the tooth.

The new SLS-series of Canton is located between the series established SL and Vento high. The straight shape of the lacquer case, which for the new line have been mechanically strengthened and received curves on the front edge comes from the lower number of SL. The Vento models remains reserved, as previously, the bulbous shape with its gently curved sides. This has significant implications for the stature.

The 590.2, top model of the SL series, is narrower than its counterpart in the Vento series of 890.2 type, for example, six centimeters. The SLS 790 is 3.5 cm slimmer than the Vento, but par is the weight. That surprising since the Vento comes five centimeters higher. Cause is the construction of the housing: the Vento cheeks get their future shape by bending and are therefore vertical slit on the inside, which reduces the weight. White and black gloss are available for all three series. Cherry veneer, varnish refined, reserved for the Vento series.

Canton SLS 790 DC: construction

The SLS Chassis based on the higher positioned Vento series. The tweeter, one to one adopted is appealing specifically in this context. Its spherical membrane made of high-strength ceramics allows a very extended frequency response and provides a very smooth omnidirectional. The SL models must make do with a simple dome made of aluminium and manganese, which shatters some more and not quite so pleasant sounds. The SLS series is thus currently the cheapest series at Canton, which has the noble tweeter.

The cone drivers wear double surround, cones and strong magnet systems. You are the Vento chassis quality hardly. The switching costs in the crossover is similar to both series, where the components used at SLS are slightly less quality and power-potent.

Based on the structural differences the difference is enormous. You reached SLS 790 and Vento 890.2 top models at least 700 Euro per pair. The 890.2 is not any box. Visually like sound absolutely majority enabled sound furniture (pair price 3,200 euro) was test winner in the AUDIO 1/2012 and ranked first in the class in the recent readers choice confidently up to 5,000 euros.

Hearing test

What can help the laboratory for this comparison? The Vento achieved a lead of two decibels at the maximum level with their slightly larger woofers. The difference in the lower cut-off frequency, where the more expensive box with 41 to 52 Hertz also has the nose front is more important for the practice. Nevertheless, pronounced wacker was the SLS 790 in the listening room. The 18 centimeters, placed ideally at ear level midrange seemed especially hard to brake and delighted the tester with expressive registers and lush timbres. In terms of brilliance, the 790 sounded very dignified, initially almost a little aloof.

Only after a break-in period of several days, the innovative developed its splendour. Cultured, the box still sounded, but the dynamic had clearly. A very harmonious overall impression of great unity and density was created exactly wrapped bass range. Canton-fans can breathe a sigh. Also the SLS 790 is a healthy box, which is really good for their money.