Care In The Night Pedal

For many, the night pedal is a great solution for those who can not train or do physical activities during the day. Who participates often don’t give up, there are even those who go under the rain.

If you’re one of those fanatics, you already know, but if you go once in a while or want to venture into the cycling ride nightly for the first time, follow the guidelines of the organizers or tabs so that your ride is profitable and secure. We list some cautions and standards that can help you in this pedal.


Install at least one lighthouse and a taillight on bike. Have cyclist installs in bike lighting kit, the bag and even the helmet, becoming more visible because the lighting in the bike is fixed on the head. See the post about lighting.


Vista light clothes, citrus colors are welcome and views. Remember, the largest area of vision that a driver can have from you is just the trunk, then become visible. Sometimes, the temperature drops quickly, take the cover cuts wind folded in the back pocket of his shirt, needed, there.

Mechanical Emergency

Take your multi tool and camera recently. If you take the patch kit and the case is serious, it will not help you much, Yes, but don’t forget the pump and the spatulas to open flat. See these tips on camera patch. Fix key chain is a good, at least one per group.

The guides are there to help you, so keep an eye on them. The front guide pulls the platoon asks ticket and informs the dangers, such as holes, bumps, and you passes the message to those who come after. Note the hand signals of the Guide, it indicates a lot of useful stuff, and shouts some orders too.

The guide that will at the end of the platoon controls speed and prevents the slowest or strays are lost, controlling in partnership with the first guide, via radio.


Drive your bike while respecting the other participants and traffic laws, don’t threaten the pedestrians and no crosses the sidewalks, the cyclists should be in pairs, it fills best the track occupying, preventing a car try to occupy the space of the track along with you.

Anticipate your moves with arm signals, inform bicyclists and motorists what will do.


Many cyclists get off work and go straight to the concentration of the ride. Avoid getting to hungry or dehydrated. Independent of the level of the pedal, eat and take some cereal bars, sports drinks and water. Oh and don’t forget the stretching and warming up before the pedal. Learn how to do it the right way in this video.

Make sure that the bike is in order, if the tires are calibrated, if all the gears are working, if the brakes are adjusted, and keep the saddle at the correct height, all that helps you get full and satisfied with the result.