Case-Mate Slim Profile/Barely There iPhone 4 Case – chrome

Among very high quality mobile accessories from Case-Mate Barely There product line of mobile cases is possibly the most popular – simply because the Case-Mate Barely There mobile phone cases offers a unique mix of optimal mobile protections, while a minimal weight added to your iPhone.

iPhone 4 Case-Mate case

Case-Mate Slim Profile/Barely There for the Apple iPhone 4 has a convenient mirror screen protector. This screen protection is easy to install, not destro less, need a special care in order to avoid that dust gets trapped under the protection. Mirror screen protection will give your iPhone 4 a huge look, while you will have a glass that looks like a mirror to protect your screen.

When Case-Mate Slim Profile/Barely There for the Apple iPhone 4 – chrome has been installed, will be the back of your iPhone completely protected except the Apple logo, which has its own cutout.

The top of the iPhone is fully open to get a full access to the sleep/wake button, SIM card and headset connection. IPhone 4 case is lightweight plastic with a shiny mirror coating.
Once you have installed iPhone 4 case, then your iPhone will be transformed into a sparkling and shiny chrome beauty. The best part is that Case-Mate has taken special care of the design, so the mobile case will not affect the signal on your iPhone 4.