Casual Linen Outfits

In the late 19th century, linen was almost completely detached from the slightly cheaper cotton as material for clothing and home textiles. In recent years, light fabric has again made a comeback and this season is announced correctly. A lucky, because the material has some advantages and also looks summery good!

What’s Linen at all?

Wool is a natural fiber and is made of the so-called “commons Lein“. In addition to the “Full Cap”, which consists of 100% flax fibers, there is also “half-linen”. Here the flax participation of at least 40%, the rest is made of cotton. Both also be made into fashionable clothes. The properties of lines can really be seen:

  • the substance can absorb more than 30% moisture and exchange them quickly from the ambient air.This creates an airy, crisper feeling.
  • Cap is hardly prone to lint and simultaneously antistatic, stain-resistant and bactericidal.
  • the light material is tough and durable.

The properties are all the more pronounced, the higher the proportion of linen. Only friction you should avoid if possible, as with the seat belt. Also, the natural fiber, as it is completely inelastic, pretty wrinkle prone. Speaking inelastic: Because linen clothing is worn mostly not already tight, but loose and easy, it does not matter and is not uncomfortable. In addition to stand out among the solid material no dents or excess fat from-virtually

Perfect Clothing for Hot Days

When temperatures scrape once at the 40-degree mark in midsummer, each piece of cloth is too much a pain, right? A long jeans?-Do not! With linen fabric long pants but pleasant even on hot days. Especially if you can not easily occur in a job in short shorts, the tissue in the summer is ideal.

Plus Size Clothing Linen

Transparent sedentary, somewhat further cut pants are classic linen. But the airy fabric can be much more. Also tunics, tops and shirts to blazers for summer business look are made of linen. Lightly tailored cuts ensure that the comparatively coarse fabric still casual chic and not “baggy” acts. Contrasting the natural fiber is often used in timeless black or summery light white.

But the summer fabric is also colorable, so you can find just about all trends and summer colors in fashion in larger sizes made of linen, for example, soft pastel shades or bright colors such as yellow or red.