Casual Oldschool -Trend: Dungarees Are Back!

Let us take a look back at our childhood. For many of us there was sooner or later a very special piece of clothing, which was hardly to be surpassed in casualness and coolness.

Usually made of jeans, more rarely made of cord or other material, gave us the feeling of having a fashionable nose in front-even if the theme was not of such great importance.

Now Dungarees are back on the fashion scene-designers, bloggers, fashionistas: Everyoneloves the old-school dungarees! Right, because today it is just as casual as it was then, but much more changeable. Here you can see how the Dungarees style “works great” and how to combine the perhaps most comfortable trousers of the season.

Dungarees Style: Convertible, Comfortable And Cool

Large fashion labels love dungarees as well as fashionable individualists. It unites the changeability of a classic jeans with the coolness of a real it-pieces. Combined with the right parts, the dungarees looks anything but cute! The classic are dungarees made of denim, that is jeans fabric in different washes. Models in a light to medium wash are genuine all-rounder, which form the basis of many styles. A few tricks make the dungarees look neither after children’s playground nor after Peter Lustig:

Fingers away from baggy styles that look fast as borrowed from boyfriend/husband/father/grandfather. Narrow cuts prefer!

Change trouser leg two or three times. The ankle makes the ankles visible, giving the dungarees a feminine touch. In addition, the shoes combined to the dungarees are much more effective!

Details such as embroidered pockets, colored straps or destroyed details make an “ordinary” denim dungarees automatically an eye-catcher part.

Unusual cuts, such as 70s style dungarees with a leg outstretched, or models of elegant fabrics are fashion statements. Short dungarees or lapel dresses are perfect for the summer.

Dungarees Combine-So The Trend Pants Look Cool

Dungarees are fashionable this season – no wonder that they are no longer only available in the classic denim version with a long leg!Refined cuts, noble materials and unusual accents give the pants the potential to become a must-have and bring an extra portion of coolness into our wardrobes. With the right combination partners, we are outgrowing our “childhood styles” in the old-new trend pants:

Always go: A long-sleeved striped shirt, which gives the look a maritime touch.

Jeans to jeans? But yes! “Denim-Doubles” in different colors such as a jeans shirt underneath or a jeans jacket over the dungarees, bring the classic look freshness.

A (print) sweatshirt or a trendy, belly-free cropped top under the dungarees adds extra coolness. Courageous only wear a tight bandeau top.

Noble and “adult” with a blouse or a thin roll-neck sweater.

Elegant coats, Oversize blazers, pointed stilettos, high-heeled sandals or ankle boots as well as classy accessories such as clutches or satchelbags made of high-quality materials create an adult contrast to the casual dungarees look.

The uncomplicated-sporty attitude of dungarees underline flat sandals in Birkenstock style, lace-up shoes like the hip creepers with plateau as well as timelessly cool slip-ons or chucks.

Our tip: Change the classic look of dungarees and a simple T-shirt or top with different accessories! Cool caps, Oversize knitted beanies, (round) sunglasses, Boho hats with large brim, jeans jackets and elegant woolen coats in classic or bright colors give the trend trousers an ever-new fashion statement.

Relaxed Dungarees Style In The Course Of Time

Originally, the mid-nineteenth century worn dungarees was worn as a working trousers, later it was a typical trousers for (small) children. In the 70s the dungarees experienced a first fashionable high, before they became for the time again “only” the favorite pants of becoming Mamis and their offspring. The grunge style of the 90s ensured that dungarees – both men and women-were given an almost rocking image, but they were not so fashionable at the time, but they emphasized the downright “egalitarian attitude” of many Grunger-Even and straight in relation to fashion. After well-known designers sent the dungarees over the catwalks for the first time in the summer months, the casual trousers made their way into the shops unstoppably.Thanks to God, because the jeans, which are mostly made of jeans, are currently one of the most versatile hostels!