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Your Home With Spring Ares

Breathe in the spring and renovate your home. With a few tips this task becomes easy.

How To Renovate The Home For New Year’s Eve Parties

It is in the spring that life is renewed: the leaves sprout new and green, the flowers exhibit their beauty and convey their charm not only through their colors but also through their different perfumes.

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Tips For Interior Decorating A Small Bedroom

Decorate a small bedroom

Masaccio, Renaissance painter, was one of the first artists to use the technique of the conical perspective to endow his paintings with depth and volume. Using the so-called vanishing point, he managed to transmit a great sense of remoteness and, therefore, amplitude in his works. Many are the interior designers who, to this day, use this technique to give greater sense of spaciousness to rooms with reduced space. If this is the case of our bedroom, we propose you a series of tips to carry out the decoration of small bedroom interiors .

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How to Choose Digital Photo Frame

The Digital Photo Frames are super-modern and super-technological complements that occupy more and more important spaces and showy in contemporary homes. Suitable to embellish any environment: entrance, kitchen, living room, bedroom; They are presented with an ever more polished and refined design.

The main benefit of the Digital Frames is to show a sequence of photos chosen by us.

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A movie house

The cinema, that factory of inimitable dreams. Who has not been excited, laughed, cried sometimes with a story well told? Who has not ever left the room of a cinema transformed inside knowing that after that magical film his vision of the world has completely transformed? Or a little at least. Films are the dreams of their directors, but they are also ours, being irremediably installed in the collective unconscious of a society. For all this and in homage to the seventh art we propose a series of vinyls of films so that you make of your house a space of … effectively.Of film

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Bathroom Shower Decor Ideas

The walk-in shower is available in all styles and adapts to all areas. The editorial team has selected for you 13 inspirations of the best bathrooms on Pinterest.

The walk-in shower is a classic bathroom planning, all the opportunities it offers are far from exhausted. Indeed, the structure simple, clean the shower makes it relatively easy to integrate into any bathroom. Ideal to integrate a shower easy to maintain in a small bathroom or instead for a luxurious and refined look to a large bathroom, the shower fits our desires to create a great bathroom.

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Air Conditioning Vents Ceiling or Floor

The air conditioning ceiling floor is ideal for commercial areas above 50 m².

What is expected of an air conditioner? It has great cooling capacity and preferably uniform temperature throughout the environment. To rely on these benefits, invest in air conditioning ceiling floor model that can be installed either near the floor and the ceiling. For this feature, the machine can cool the entire room evenly.

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Crampons on the tooth felt – the spikes are cut

It’s more long time no mystery: who in the mountains which wants to achieve, must not seldom teeth show. This applies especially when glaciers and ice climbing, and in a slightly modified form crampons or do. So are these can bite down whenever possible in the ice, it is advisable to check the individual spikes at regular intervals. Because the greatest enemy of all equipment was always the ravages of time, this is no different with crampons or Grödeln. Even in low use rust settles on the metal parts quickly. In addition it comes on tours in the mixed terrain again and again to contact with rock. Small grooves, round teeth, and blunt grade are the result.


With the care of crampon and co. is therefore similar as with the regular checkup at the dentist: who accepts minor damage at an early stage, to avoid worse. In contrast to Holey molars, you should not jump but the metal teeth of crampons with a drill to tackle. A few metal nail files and sandpaper is sufficient.

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Decorate and Organize Your Small Bathroom

Learn how to take advantage of small bathrooms and full of character.

Nowadays it is common for houses and apartments have small bathrooms. Despite the reduced size, they can be filled features. Bet on decorative items and organization and add charm to your home. For this, it is worth thinking about colors, textures and finishes. Look for solutions that bring convenience and always consider the number of residents.

Choose Colors for Small Bathroom

White, light gray, pastel shades like nude or rose are good suggestions for small bathrooms, since they contribute to the feeling of spaciousness (looking larger than it is) and cleaning. To break the monotony, elect a decorative element of strong color contrast to make the most fun atmosphere. How about a flower vase, a frame or even a liquid soap door to the sink? Be creative!

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