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Curly Hair – Cuts, Colors, Hairstyles

Colors, Hairstyles and Cuts for Curly Hair

Wavy hair nowadays are very successful women mainly who do not have wavy hair do everything to have wavy hair, wavy hair that are true are most desired by all women and wavy hair also match with all hairstyles and cuts and also colors that you go to choose that are in high. Continue reading Curly Hair – Cuts, Colors, Hairstyles

Nails Decorated With Francesinha

Nails Decorated with Francesinha Photos and Trends

The nails decorated with francesinha have always been on the rise, this delicate model has always won the preference of women, and since it is a basic model, but at the same time very delicate women bet on them to be able to use in any and every occasion, it’s worth it to see the news in today’s post.Each model is more beautiful than the other.Today things have changed a lot and even this effect has gained news, so follow it so you can renew your nail as well. Continue reading Nails Decorated With Francesinha

Makeup Without Melting: Tricks to Keep the Visual in Summer

The makeup can last more than a few hours without need of miracles.

A retorts in the eyes or that red lipstick makes radiant woman, but with the summer heat melting everything goes very fast. But no need to worry: some good practice strategies can be made at home and don’t take a long time. Learn the tips to keep the makeup without melting. Continue reading Makeup Without Melting: Tricks to Keep the Visual in Summer

Masculine Perfumes to Use Everyday

How are you guys doing?
I’m going to talk about a matter that’s very important to you, after all who doesn’t want to come out smelly, elegant and refined for a working environment to attract that respectable attention? 😉
A good look is a fundamental prerequisite for causing a good impression. In the corporate environment, he can become a great ally at the time of closing a business, selling an idea or even getting a promotion. Isn’t that right?
The main caution you have to take is to be well noticed, without becoming the center of attention, in the negative aspect. The excess of visual information can harm you and the use of a very strong perfume can, not only cause a bad impression, as mark it negatively (fact). For work, the recommendation is in the use of relatively mild fragrances, pertaining to the citrus family, fougère or Woody. Avoid excessive fruity notes or many sweetened essences. Be careful not to exaggerate and contaminate the environment, bothering people around. Applying the excess perfume saturates the nose of those who wears it and you don’t even realize it went beyond the account in the amount of fragrance used.
Check out a selection of male perfumes indicated for everyday, exclusively for the work I say.

Continue reading Masculine Perfumes to Use Everyday

Lipstick Tips For Every Skin Tone

Tips on what is the right lipstick color for each skin tone

Many women want to always have different lipsticks for each makeup Each skin tone has a color that combines more and women never know which lipstick tone matches with each type of skin, then the lipstick tips for each skin tone, will help you look even more beautiful and elegant and the best with the lipstick tone that matches your skin, stay alert in the lipstick tips for each skin tone. Continue reading Lipstick Tips For Every Skin Tone