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3 Shoes from the 90s that Are Suddenly Hip Again

1. Mules

They are just being celebrated as the trend shoes of the summer: Mules. Some people forget that this shoe model was already in the 90s, before it was dusty for almost 20 years in the wardrobe.  Right, some will think. But new designs, more modern cuts and fresh summer colors make the shoe trendy again this year. They used to be more decent models, mostly in black or brown with a medium high heel. The new pieces, on the other hand, come in colorful designs, with a very high or very low heel, thus making the jump to the catwalk. Even at this year’s Berlin Fashion Week, hardly a designer has renounced Mules. Continue reading 3 Shoes from the 90s that Are Suddenly Hip Again

Brady Bags – Quality Sporting Leather Goods

To manufacturers of products for hunting and outdoor recreation are picked up by a more fashion-conscious audience has become increasingly common in men’s vogue. From having been seen as a little mossy has functional design and durability has become a top priority. A clear example of the phenomenon is that of many unknown bag Brady Bags. Continue reading Brady Bags – Quality Sporting Leather Goods

Women’s Fashion Shoes

Fashion Shoes Models

We know that women like shoes, so fashion shoes are always being used a lot. No matter the age or style of the woman, they all like shoes, style and taste, and when the question is about Fashion Shoes the answer is almost obvious, since every woman who is in love with shoes knows exactly which are the fashionable shoes. Continue reading Women’s Fashion Shoes

Summer Trend: Retro Sunglasses

When the temperatures climb up again and the sun shines, the sunglasses are an indispensable accessory.This summer, you can see retro sunglasses – whether they are round, cat-eye or horn-shaped.In my blog today, I show you the trend around retro sunglasses. Continue reading Summer Trend: Retro Sunglasses

The Correct Way to Use Henley Shirt

Henley shirt is a versatile, timeless and extremely elegant. For those who don’t know, this model is one that has between 2 and 5 buttons on the collar, arranged in a row (just that, unlike the polo shirt), has no collar and can have .75, short or long sleeve.

In Brazil, the play is popularly known as Portuguese collar shirt. Continue reading The Correct Way to Use Henley Shirt