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Overalls Are Joker

Being the great passion of many designers is not for free that the overall has been marking a long reign without leaving the runways, are nothing less than three years succeeding in the fashion shows. For a lot of people, especially for those who are always in search of a lot of practicality combined with comfort, the Jumpsuit is Joker and is always present in the wardrobe, being that often it appears in several versions, since it is part of the wardrobe of Many people in all seasons. Right now it will be on high for the summer, but a lot of people who are Making the July Vacation Bag have already put the inseparable overalls in their luggage. Continue reading Overalls Are Joker

Curiosity: Bizarre Shirts of Football Teams

The canopy is coming, and we already know our green and yellow well. And you who are a passionate supporter and make a point of parading around with your heart team’s shirt probably have a favorite uniform or even keeps a collection of commemorative versions released over the years. However, although the creation of these pieces is a serious business, sometimes the designers err ugly, and the poor players are forced to face their opponents wearing bizarre outfits. Continue reading Curiosity: Bizarre Shirts of Football Teams

Skinny Jeans: How to Use, Templates, Tips

For who doesn’t know the skinny jeans model, it is those pants more justinhas leg gets pasted in body and who was your first version in 1950. The first skinny pants model was presented to the world by film actress who revolutionized the story called Marilyn Monroe, which everyone knows. She was made not only with jeans fabric as eco-leather and also in combination with other types of materials. Continue reading Skinny Jeans: How to Use, Templates, Tips

Maternity Dress of Fluffy Blake Lively – Pregnant Dresses

Check Out Dress Options For Pregnant Women Of Fluffy Blake Lively And Inspired!

Blake Lively is a beautiful American actress, well known because of the television show Gossip Girl. In an event, Blake Lively wore a beautiful white dress midi, who left your comfortable pregnant belly. This midi dress is the inspiration for today’s post, titled fluffy pregnant dress of Blake Lively. Check out and be inspired by these gorgeous dresses! Continue reading Maternity Dress of Fluffy Blake Lively – Pregnant Dresses

5 Shoes that Look Super Stylish in Combination with Leggings

1. Sneaker

The classic! Pretty sneakers look just great for leggings.Whether you opt for the classic version of white fabric or leather or a colorful and futuristic model.  The only important thing is that the leggings are not too long, and the ankles are compressed. It looks better when the leggings end just before the ankle. If you do not want to freeze in winter and leave a few centimeters of skin, you can combine high socks. Continue reading 5 Shoes that Look Super Stylish in Combination with Leggings