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Benefits of USB Flash Drives

1.5 Ways USB Thumb Drives are Really Useful

USB flash drives (a.k.a., USB memory sticks or USB thumb drives) are very inexpensive, common storage devices; you can even regularly find them given away for free as promotional items. Even though they’re cheap and ubiquitous, though, don’t overlook the power of these little storage devices–they can be highly useful tools for always having important documents and program settings on hand.

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Definition of CPU

The processor, or central processing unit (CPU) is the heart, or rather the mind of every computer, and other devices that use similar technologies (PDA, tablet, smartphone, etc).
But how is a processor? What are the characteristics to be taken into consideration when choosing?

CPU structure

Typically a CPU consists of:

  1. a control unit (CU) that stores and reads information;
  2. An arithmetic logic unit (referred to by the acronym “ALU” and a separate time from the CU) that deals with mathematical calculations and logical operations;
  3. the registry, which is internal to the CPU, special memory locations, which allow extremely fast access to information.

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Ora-x: Smart Headphones with AR and Android Arrive on Indiegogo

A new crowdfunding campaign has recently debuted on Indiegogo: get ready to meet the new headphones smart NOW-X.

Completely based on Android with a transparent display similar to Google Glass and with avaguely familiar, new headphone-X are NOW able to offer a good quality of listening, thanks to drivers from 50 mm, combined with the versatility of a smartphone based on Android Lollipop with a dual core SoC (unspecified), 2 GB of RAM and the inevitable transparent display. The system of interaction is completely given over to a touch surface in which are placed also the function keys home, multitasking and back typical of Android, while connectivity is guaranteed by the presence of WiFi and Bluetooth modules. The headphones are equipped with a TIME-X2000 mAh battery that should allow a continued use of 8 hours “normal use” Although it is not specified what is meant exactly for normal. Continue reading Ora-x: Smart Headphones with AR and Android Arrive on Indiegogo