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How to Wear Statement Jewelry

Jewelry is the best way to give life to an outfit and highlight your best features. And to do this, what better way to complete your look with an imposing piece, a centerpiece around which you can play and match your accessories? A sumptuous bib necklace, a pair of towering earrings or cuff bracelet is sure to attract the attention and enlighten you. To succeed your jewelry composition in the rules of art, Jweel today offers six recommendations. Follow the guide!

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Crochet with Embroidery Thread Earrings

Learn how to weave these Crochet earrings beautiful fabrics with embroidery thread.

Hello Patronartistas! Today I bring you the free pattern knitting these beautiful Crochet earrings. If you are like me sure that crochet is not enough and I love crafts and other work. In my case the cross stitch and embroidery are some of my passions. For this reason I have the House full of threads. If you want to take advantage of those threads into something different this tutorial you are going to love. Continue reading Crochet with Embroidery Thread Earrings

Velor Ribbon Bracelet with Pendants

This is a cool bracelet for the summer! Made easy with velor Ribbon, a toggle clasp and pretty Pendants. Processed, the toggle clasp is slightly different than the normal. In this, you have left a small eyelet for the Pendants.


-about 50 cm of velor Ribbon of your choice
-a medium-sized toggle clasp (I have a square used)
-1 end piece for velor Ribbon
-3 or 4 jump rings
-1 short rivet pin
-Pendants and bead of your choice.

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Silver Bracelets: The Ideal For You

Silver bracelets have always been in our history , have been synonymous with elegance and purity. That is why it is not strange that the ancients believed that this metal was a gift from the moon, as gold was from the sun.

But for an item so necessary for any jeweler, male or female, there are too many options on the market,how to choose which one is right for you? How do you know which one goes for each occasion?

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Les Facettes: Size Gefertigter Luxury Jewelry

Jewelry is an expression of feelings. No wonder, then, that you buy a ring only rarely even in passing. Finally, the noble piece to highlight the personality of the owner, it should fit like a tailored suit. Moritz Werner and Josef images that gave an idea: they founded the online manufacture of Les facettes, which manufactures bijoux according to customer designs. Here so can everyone to jewelry designer. Continue reading Les Facettes: Size Gefertigter Luxury Jewelry

Loom Bracelets for Your Feet

Bracelet foot is an accessory that is a favorite of the majority of the fair sex. And although the outside is still not completely slippers and sandals, we decided to introduce several bracelets and give you advice on their wear.

Bracelets feet have worn since the Sumerians, who lived nearly five millennia. During excavations of the Sumerian tombs were found skeletons curve legs made from various stones and metals.

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The Jewelry Collection Guess for Spring / Summer

Very beautiful and interesting proposals that Guess makes us this year in the field of accessories and jewelry in particular. The collection dedicated to the spring / summer 2011 ranges from a series of bracelets, necklaces and earrings in which as always are the pendants to make a difference and also launch mode and particular tendencies, in this case designed to add a touch of romance or glam rock your outfit depending on the mood of the day or perhaps your desire to dare!

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Smoky Quartz Jewelry The Soft Brown

From the quartz family with the hardness, the smoky quartz is mapped to 7 Mohs. There are very dark brown, smoky or medium-brown clear colour varieties. There are also black crystals (Morion) under the smoke crystals.

The emergence of a smoke quartz (also very dark crystals) took place under big heat, strong sunlight, millions of years ago. Location of particularly beautiful specimens are known today from the United States, Australia, South America, and from the Alps. The ancient peoples gegehrten the smoky quartzes just like crystals, he was as well known in Greek and Roman culture. The ancient Greeks thought smoke crystals were grown mountain crystals. In ancient Rome, the stone of mourning was held, which should assist in achieving new will and zest for life. In the Arab world, you saw the smoky quartz stone of loyalty and friendship. He would stain even with impending doom.

It is said to strengthening bones and joints of the smoky quartz as a healing stone, also he should have positive impact for the stomach and the heart. As well, it should help grieving people more zest for life and prevent suicidal thoughts.

A beautiful pendant made from smoky quartz jewelry in soft Brown about a bright blouse is definitely in a great eye-catcher. Here you will find pieces of jewellery at low prices, good quality and variety of beautiful smoky Quartz.

Scale and Steinbockgeborene could benefit from this beautiful gemstone.

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