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Flyer: Taiwan’s Tablet to Fight the Big Boys

While the giants are fighting for the tablet market, other companies are betting on the midi-tablets, lighter and easier to carry.

This is the case of the Flyer, HTC, which is almost the same dimensions as the Galaxy 7 “.Headquartered in Taiwan, HTC is one of the largest technology companies in the Asian market and the fifth largest handset maker in the world. Continue reading Flyer: Taiwan’s Tablet to Fight the Big Boys

Tablet Gametab-one Big Ben

Bigben Interactive, manufacturer of accessories for consoles, smartphones, tablets and even video games, has just officially presented its new product: GAMETAB-ONE.As you may have guessed from the opening image, GAMETAB-ONE is a tablet addressed mainly to fans of mobile gaming, also because of the external structure to apply to the tablet itself to turn it into a real portable console.

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Tablet Instead Of Textbook

The digitisation changed the College everyday. Students pursue online lectures, texts are available on the net. The result is but a gap between students with many technical means and those without.

Much space in the large lecture? Thick essay collections, which you have to buy in the copy shop and then stack in the dorm room? Wrangling over the textbooks in the library? These times are likely to be over in the universities. Data and information moving increasingly into the net, in virtual classrooms or laboratories students and researchers can network around the world. There are lectures as a video clip on the Internet. Digitization has long captured also the research and teaching at universities.

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ZyXEL NAS325 in the Test

The ZyXEL NAS325 comes without hard drives, but offers good facilities and works really fast in the test.

Cycles NAS325

Test score:

  • Handling/configuration: 85%
  • Equipment: 80%
  • Multimedia functionality: 70%
  • Backup functionality: 85%

ZyXEL-NAS is generally without hard drives. Especially you find that good, that want to completely decide about size and quality of their storage media. And be all doubters said: nothing is easier than to equip a NAS hard drives. Continue reading ZyXEL NAS325 in the Test

Samsung Ativ Q in the First Test

Samsung Q both Windows and Android missed the convertible tablet Ativ. In the test I like instant switching between the two operating systems.

Windows tablets to not get rid of its serious image. Exciting apps: nil. For Android in terms of document processing does not come out from the Clark. Samsung brings both summarily under a hat, or better said: the Convertible Tablet Ativ Q. Continue reading Samsung Ativ Q in the First Test