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Difference Between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

Is an article that gives you information on Universal Serial Bus (USB), which has been an interface value for the connection of devices and data transfer. Also, you’ll know the difference on the latest USB 3.0 port and the old version of the USB 2.0 You know what is the difference between this time and why we moved into this USB 3.0 property.

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Simvalley Mobile Sp-360 in the Practice Test

The Artsy are no longer what they once were: the dual-SIM enabled SP-360 is only 280 euros and reflected in the test yet surprisingly chic and ostentatious.

Simvalley mobile SP-360: First impression

Wow: The SP-360 offers an 4.7 inch large display in HD resolution. That was until recently, even the upper class. The display is in sufficiently bright and offers a neat contrast. Continue reading Simvalley Mobile Sp-360 in the Practice Test

AKG K935 in the Practice Test

AKG wants to prove with the K935 that wireless headphones are phonetically to their wired counterparts in nothing – and a plus offer freedom of movement. We do the test.

Mobility comes at a price. At least applied this principle in the past. Earlier, Wireless headphone systems were mostly a kind of stopgap or for many the epitome of advanced hearing aid. So for example, if the grandparents too late should adopt their television, without having to bring the neighborhood through concert volume to the well-deserved sleep. That’s but also other can go, and a wireless headset can sound good, AKG headphones specialist associated with Harman with his new wireless headphones K935 wants to prove. Continue reading AKG K935 in the Practice Test

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 Test

The Galaxy Xcover 2 wants to set standards in the outdoor segment. We have the guys in the test correctly to and almost convinced us.

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Sometimes, you need a tool and not a toy. Then real specialists are in demand – and just as one wants to be Samsung’s Galaxy Xcover 2. It belongs to the rare species of the outdoor smartphones of that will tolerate even harder manners as they are needed such as trekking, trail running, or on construction sites. You are looking for a while chic, but vulnerable to scratches metal housing here because even in vain – Xcover 2 to have either a grey or dark plastic container. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 Test