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Safe Travel for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. Yet she could actually turn into a nightmare!In fact, round and being pregnant is not already obvious when we have to suffer the preconceptions and judgments of others ; Bonus if you become pregnant during summer vacation, you can spend some difficult times.

To help you spend holidays by the sea in any zen, we decided to give you some advice.

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Handbags 2016: The Trend Designs of the Year

Well-known designers, celebrated It brands and international style icons are in agreement: 2016 is all about the chic Wow-Bags!

Discover now the trendiest handbags of the still young year and bring your wardrobe with these trendy accessories turn around in front!

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Specifications of Sunglasses

A review of the specifications and basic properties of sunglasses. Since recommendations for use up to a brief explanation of their contributions and characteristics.


-Regulations on protection levels:

The European standard EN 1836:2006 provides 5 levels ranging from lesser to greater protection, from 0 to 4 depending on the transmittance (the percentage of UV rays that pass through the lens):

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The Best Polarized Sunglasses of the Moment

They are one of the most popular supplements today. Not just because sunglasses, themselves, complement and enhance any look of day, but because the population is increasingly more aware of the importance that has the vision care.

And that not only involves visit at least once a year to the ophthalmologist and pay attention to any ailment or eye discomfort you may have, but also carries the eye protection against the impact of light and colors.

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Three Elephant Umbrella 2016

A woman always wants to look stylish. His whole image consists of many small parts that create the whole picture – harmony, bright and original. Often we pay great attention to recruiting accessories – bracelets, handbags and other minor issues that sometimes become a focus in the image, and sometimes – minor addition. And if in some detail this ensemble will begin dissonirovaty, then the risk that seems to taste.

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Make My Own Wall Sticker

The ideal project if you are many and various remnants of wallpaper. If you got your old album with samples of wallpaper, even better. You’ll be surprised by the outcome.

“Patching” on the wall – step 1

According to remzfamily, this type of decoration on the walls gives a better result if you use different not only as a pattern, and size pieces. Start by cut different pieces of wallpaper. The size of the pieces does not matter but their corners should be square. Use the right angle and mock knife for better results.

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