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Tips for Camping with the Family, Places, Photos

Enjoy a holiday weekend, vacation or even a weekend camping trip with the family is a great option for those who are looking to strengthen and reinforce family ties and meet new places, getting closer to nature and moving away a little from the routine in big cages. Continue reading Tips for Camping with the Family, Places, Photos

How to Decorate the Dining Room Table

A dining table can have multiple functions in a House, depending on the lifestyle of each person. Can be the chosen area to receive guests, playing only this function, or can even be a common area the whole family, used to the daily meals or gathering. Continue reading How to Decorate the Dining Room Table

Women’s Trendy Handbags

Less voluminous and more structured, the women’s handbags models that are succeeding in 2011 are more discreet and smaller, leaving a little aside the already wanted and necessary of modern women, who carry the life inside their bags, the maxibolsas. Although the size of the bags may have decreased and the shape has become more rigid, in contrast, the trend points to an exaggeration of applications and mix of different textures, bringing bags very adorned, full of pendants and with many details such as drapes, fringes, Sparkling, metallized and handmade materials.

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The Best Thing About Bella Italia – Handbags From Italy

Bella Italia – it’s clear that this term for us in the bag department store of less with beautiful landscapes, breathtaking cultural treasures and beautiful Italians to do has lead with the exquisite bag creations, the latter preferably with. But what exactly constitutes handbags from Italy actually? Highest quality natural and best, mainly produced in Italy materials, the exclusive to elaborate hand-crafted accessories with each unique style and distinctive characteristics are transformed. Typical Italian, this is unique! As evidence I would imagine more three brands. Continue reading The Best Thing About Bella Italia – Handbags From Italy

Easy Ideas for Halloween Party

In recent years, Halloween began gaining popularity in our country. Some deny it, others feverishly preparing its original suit, to gather all eyes in awesome night, while others seek to create an unforgettable entertainment for their children.

If this year you decided to mark it, but the time you reach for serious training, we gathered a few ideas to quickly create suitable atmosphere with minimal effort:

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Safe Travel for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. Yet she could actually turn into a nightmare!In fact, round and being pregnant is not already obvious when we have to suffer the preconceptions and judgments of others ; Bonus if you become pregnant during summer vacation, you can spend some difficult times.

To help you spend holidays by the sea in any zen, we decided to give you some advice.

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Handbags 2016: The Trend Designs of the Year

Well-known designers, celebrated It brands and international style icons are in agreement: 2016 is all about the chic Wow-Bags!

Discover now the trendiest handbags of the still young year and bring your wardrobe with these trendy accessories turn around in front!

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Specifications of Sunglasses

A review of the specifications and basic properties of sunglasses. Since recommendations for use up to a brief explanation of their contributions and characteristics.


-Regulations on protection levels:

The European standard EN 1836:2006 provides 5 levels ranging from lesser to greater protection, from 0 to 4 depending on the transmittance (the percentage of UV rays that pass through the lens):

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The Best Polarized Sunglasses of the Moment

They are one of the most popular supplements today. Not just because sunglasses, themselves, complement and enhance any look of day, but because the population is increasingly more aware of the importance that has the vision care.

And that not only involves visit at least once a year to the ophthalmologist and pay attention to any ailment or eye discomfort you may have, but also carries the eye protection against the impact of light and colors.

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Three Elephant Umbrella 2016

A woman always wants to look stylish. His whole image consists of many small parts that create the whole picture – harmony, bright and original. Often we pay great attention to recruiting accessories – bracelets, handbags and other minor issues that sometimes become a focus in the image, and sometimes – minor addition. And if in some detail this ensemble will begin dissonirovaty, then the risk that seems to taste.

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